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Poudre Valley Creamery Building

There has been some discussion recently around the demolition of the Creamery Building, so I thought I would post these pictures that I took a few days ago of the actual demolition.

After removal of the billboard. Now you can see the ghost sign.

Safe from Demolition


The Wooden Section was […]

Thinking of Spring – Fort Collins Gardens

No Grass!

Old Town Yard

If you are anything like me, this time of year you are getting cabin fever big time, anxiously awaiting for spring for the first signs of greenery. To hold you over, peruse the pictures of some of my favorite gardens in Fort Collins. Most of these I took last June In the […]

Where in Fort Collins?

Where in Fort Collins?

For a change of pace, we will see how many of you can figure out this one. I know a couple of you will know this right away, but lets see if the others can figure it out!


Merry Christmas Lost Fort Collins

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of Lost Fort Collins. Here are some more christmas light pictures.

Old Town Christmas 2010

Old Town Christmas Ice Skating 2010

Trimble Court Christmas 2010


Christmas Lights at the Gardens on Spring Creek

Christmas Lights Cover the Watering Can

Recently the kids and I visited the Gardens on Spring Creek to see all the christmas lights. It was (and is) quite the display, probably one of the more brilliant displays in town. This got me to thinking, are there any other traditional christmas light displays in Fort […]

Where in Fort Collins?

Where in Fort Collins is This?

I am starting something new called Where in Fort Collins? On occasions I will post pictures taken by myself, or those sent to me by readers, and we will let you guess where it is!


Fort Collins Place: Running Deer Natural Area

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

Looking for some peace and quiet? A return to nature? Running Deer Natural Area is a great place to find those things right here in Fort Collins.

Located on East Prospect Road near the Colorado Welcome Center and I-25 Running Deer is a gem seldom used […]

Jim Burrell's House

For the past year or so, Jim Burrell has been working tirelessly go get this old house moved from Loveland to Fort Collins. Well, he finally made it. The house is now here in Fort Collins, ready to be moved onto its new foundation. Jim, and the good folks at Empire Carpentry will […]

Plan Fort Collins

The City of Fort Collins is undertaking two projects this year that will have an impact on the entire city, and on the east side-west side neighborhoods. The first is the update to City Plan, the overall guiding document for landuse within Fort Collins. This project is being dubbed, Plan Fort Collins. You can get […]

Fort Collins Civic Center

Change happens. Change is a fact of life Change can also be interesting. Sometimes it comes incrementally so you don’t really notice it, and sometimes it comes all at once as a big shock. Among the many changes in Fort Collins has been the emergence of the downtown civic center. The city and county went […]