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Early Car Dealers

Ghent Motors

Captain Bevo and myself have been wondering about the history of this building. Captain believes it was originally Ghent Motors, with the showroom being on the corner (where City Drug is now), with this side being the mechanics shop. However, the recently revealed ghost sign does not really say that. Then again neither […]

Northern Hotel

Northern Hotel Sign in 2011

Commercial Hotel 1893

The Northern Hotel has been one of the iconic buildings in Fort Collins since its construction in 1873. When it was built though, it looked much different than it does today, originally it was built as the Agricultural Hotel with what I believe to have been three floors. In the 1880’s […]

Fort Collins Place: 100 West Oak Street in Old Town

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

A few months back I came across the Scouting New York blog and ever since it has been one of my favorite reads. Always full of places and things that most people overlook in and around New York City. Because of that blog I’ve begun to take […]

Ask Uncle Norm: Lumber yards of the 70s

“I moved here in ‘74. It seems we went to Everitt’s lumber that year (Prospect by the rr tracks). I remember part of that drive on a gravel road. Has memory failed me ?” John Reed.

Mr. Reed:

The lumber yard you describe is now Sutherland’s, and I don’t remember Everitts owning it previously. My […]

Do we still need the Food Co-op?

Beet Street, an enterprise formed to bring tourist dollars to downtown Fort Collins, recently announced a “Homegrown Fort Collins” event for late September. It has something to do with eating local. And by that they mean eating at local restaurants, or eating from local farms, or drinking local beer. But among its partners for […]

Paramount Cottage Camp photo found

In my last post, I wrote about how the owner of 1544 W. Oak plans to restore her ordinary apartment complex to recall its Paramount Cottage Camp roots.Today, a private collector, who asked not to be identified, gave me permission to show you this–A late 1920s postcard of Paramount Cottage Camp. Make sure you click through for the full-size version. […]

Camping not condos: Saving the Paramount Cottage Camp

1544 W. Oak wasn’t always a plain, uninteresting apartment complex. And if its owners have their way, it won’t be one much longer. […]

1950s Frontier Airlines: Let's take a moment

I today picked up a stack of “Colorado Wonderland” magazines dated 1950 to 1955. The magazine is all about promoting tourism in Colorado, promising a minimum of 6 natural color photos in each issue. Plus, there are ads for 3, that is, THREE! different passenger rail carriers for Colorado in almost every issue too. There’s a lot of excitement of the all-concrete Boulder to Denver turnpike. And the state engineer is hinting we’d make a great east/west route for the new transcontinental highway. But that’s all for later. Today, let’s take a moment for Frontier: […]

300 N. College: Sharing the wealth at Seder Plastics

Look close, and you’ll see Seder & Sons on top of the building at 300 N. College. As Norm heard it, Mr. Seder was better to his employees than your boss (or former boss) ever was to you. […]

Looking for City Drug?

Kate Forgach put a link from her Tattle Tales column to Lost Fort Collins today in reference to the cool safe at City Drug that’s still for sale. I’ll repost the photo below. […]