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Poudre Valley Creamery Building

There has been some discussion recently around the demolition of the Creamery Building, so I thought I would post these pictures that I took a few days ago of the actual demolition.

After removal of the billboard. Now you can see the ghost sign.

Safe from Demolition


The Wooden Section was […]

Northern Hotel

Northern Hotel Sign in 2011

Commercial Hotel 1893

The Northern Hotel has been one of the iconic buildings in Fort Collins since its construction in 1873. When it was built though, it looked much different than it does today, originally it was built as the Agricultural Hotel with what I believe to have been three floors. In the 1880’s […]

Where in Fort Collins?

Where in Fort Collins was this?

This weeks where in Fort Collins has been provided by Captain Bevo. To add to the discussion, can you also guess what is in its place now?

Mosman House

Last week, one of our out of town readers, Patricia, emailed me saying that she had grown up in Fort Collins, and remembers her great grandparents house in the vicinity of the old Library on Matthews Street. After some dialogue back and forth, and a little digging on my part going through old phone books, […]

Seeking Help

My business partner and I own a 1904 farmhouse on North Taft Hill Road. It is part of the property that we are developing into a community known as Midori. This old house has some really good bones, and we are planning on restoring this home. What I am looking for are any historical photos […]

Historic Neighborhood Markets, Ghost Signs, & the Armstrong Hotel

I have had SUCH a hard time keeping this quiet– I didn’t want to say anything until it was done. But for several weeks the Armstrong Hotel has been preparing a nice souvenir map of the neighborhood markets that the Lost Fort Collins blog wrote about last year.

The map in my original post was […]

Meet the Rommels

In 1915, Lewis Wickes Hine came to Fort Collins for a day as part of a project to document child labor in America. He photographed the Rommel house at 430 N. Loomis. It was boarded up in this October photo because the family was away harvesting beets. They would return to Fort Collins in the […]

Park Street and the 40-foot giant

If you live in a neighborhood you love, and you worry about monster houses taking over, you should know what’s happening over on Park Street. […]

Arrowhead Lodge: On Colorado’s trout route

My perfect cultural tourist experience: ruins, prisoners, ticks, and a staff that leaves you alone. […]

Where was Rockwood School?

From the Fort Collins Museum archives.

In the comments section of an earlier post, Barefoot Meg asks, “where was Rockwood School?”

Funny you should ask. I made Norm drive me there last month because I wondered too.

Rockwood-Place (later renamed Barton) was built in 1908 near the beet factory and attended by migrant children– […]