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Spudnuts Ad

Spudnuts Ad

Given the recent comments on Spudnuts, Captain Bevo dug this up and asked that I post it.

Mosman House

Last week, one of our out of town readers, Patricia, emailed me saying that she had grown up in Fort Collins, and remembers her great grandparents house in the vicinity of the old Library on Matthews Street. After some dialogue back and forth, and a little digging on my part going through old phone books, […]

Update on Mountain Avenue House Remodel

West Mountain Remodel

I have had a few out of town readers respond off-line as to whatever happened with the house I blogged about some time back (click here). Here is the final house. I personally find this house to be very well done, respectful of the neighboring homes, and it fits right in […]

Old Town Alleyways

Artist Image of Firehouse Alley

Alleys are like the ugly stepsister, all cities have them, and most choose to ignore them, particularly in downtown areas. They are usually nasty, with garbage dumpsters that stink, utility boxes and power lines, and just plain dark and dingy. Not a place you would choose to hang out […]

Then and Now: Meldrum and Oak

NW Corner Meldrum and Oak circa early 1990's

Last year I came across this photograph while at Ulrich’s Blueprint. This is a photograph of the Northwest corner of Meldrum and Oak taken sometime in the 1920-30’s. This photo showcased some beautiful homes. Sometime in the 1960’s to 1970’s these homes were torn down in […]

Introducing Daryle, Another new Guest Authors

Many of you may know Daryle Dickens. He is a local writer, and recently produced the FortCollinsNoun blog. He has decided to shut that blog down, but has graciously offered the content of his blog to Lost Fort Collins. Over time, I will release that content as new posts. He does have some good tidbits. […]

Introducing Jamie, our New Guest Author

While the Gettin’s Good

LFC’s focus on the not-too-distant past hits a mark I think many places miss in their history-gathering efforts.

I like that.

To me, history happened yesterday and this morning. If we’re not careful to pay attention to the details of the present, we’ll lose important insight into the people and events […]