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Mosman House

Last week, one of our out of town readers, Patricia, emailed me saying that she had grown up in Fort Collins, and remembers her great grandparents house in the vicinity of the old Library on Matthews Street. After some dialogue back and forth, and a little digging on my part going through old phone books, […]

Update on Mountain Avenue House Remodel

West Mountain Remodel

I have had a few out of town readers respond off-line as to whatever happened with the house I blogged about some time back (click here). Here is the final house. I personally find this house to be very well done, respectful of the neighboring homes, and it fits right in […]

Mountain Avenue House Changing

I recently came upon this house on Mountain Avenue that had been gutted and the roof taken off. We shall see what happens with this one.

Then and Now: Meldrum and Oak

NW Corner Meldrum and Oak circa early 1990's

Last year I came across this photograph while at Ulrich’s Blueprint. This is a photograph of the Northwest corner of Meldrum and Oak taken sometime in the 1920-30’s. This photo showcased some beautiful homes. Sometime in the 1960’s to 1970’s these homes were torn down in […]

Jim Burrell's House

For the past year or so, Jim Burrell has been working tirelessly go get this old house moved from Loveland to Fort Collins. Well, he finally made it. The house is now here in Fort Collins, ready to be moved onto its new foundation. Jim, and the good folks at Empire Carpentry will […]

Historic Preservation Month

Yours truly accepted the proclamation from Mayor Hutchinson declaring May as Historical Preservation Month on behalf of the Landmark Preservation Commission and the Historic Preservation staff (not lost on me that we are half way through the month). Also up, was a proclamation celebrating the 25th anniversary of Old Town Square. Speaking of, there is […]

Seeking Help

My business partner and I own a 1904 farmhouse on North Taft Hill Road. It is part of the property that we are developing into a community known as Midori. This old house has some really good bones, and we are planning on restoring this home. What I am looking for are any historical photos […]

Hickenlooper and Coopersmith's

Mayor of Denver and gubernatorial candidate, John Hickenlooper, recently spoke at the Saving Places conference I attended a couple of weeks ago. Pretty much everyone is familiar with his story of being one of the founding fathers of Wynkoops Brewpub in Lower Downtown (LODO) Denver. I also knew that he was involved with some other […]

Oldest Surviving “Beet Shack” Threatened

The Sugar Beet industry was a booming industry in Fort Collins early days. Around the turn of the 20th Century, workers were recruited from Nebraska, Kansas, and the Volga Region of Russia to work in the Beet Fields. The ‘Germans from Russia’, as these workers were affectionately called were hard working and experienced workers, mostly […]

Stories I always meant to write: 2. Heroines of local preservation

I always meant to write a series of posts about the women who made this town what it is. This was no ladies club dressing up for Victorian tea parties. These were women who fought like hell and put fear in the heart of any politician that got in the way. At least that’s how I always imagined them. […]