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Northern Hotel

Northern Hotel Sign in 2011

Commercial Hotel 1893

The Northern Hotel has been one of the iconic buildings in Fort Collins since its construction in 1873. When it was built though, it looked much different than it does today, originally it was built as the Agricultural Hotel with what I believe to have been three floors. In the 1880’s […]

Old Town Alleyways

Artist Image of Firehouse Alley

Alleys are like the ugly stepsister, all cities have them, and most choose to ignore them, particularly in downtown areas. They are usually nasty, with garbage dumpsters that stink, utility boxes and power lines, and just plain dark and dingy. Not a place you would choose to hang out […]

Fort Collins Place: Running Deer Natural Area

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

Looking for some peace and quiet? A return to nature? Running Deer Natural Area is a great place to find those things right here in Fort Collins.

Located on East Prospect Road near the Colorado Welcome Center and I-25 Running Deer is a gem seldom used […]

Lost Fort Collins to get a Facelift

Over the next few days, I am going to be giving Lost Fort Collins a facelift. There isn’t anything really wrong with the current look, but I am also moving the blog to a self hosted site, where I can place more controls on content and such. In the process of doing this, there is […]

Jim Burrell's House

For the past year or so, Jim Burrell has been working tirelessly go get this old house moved from Loveland to Fort Collins. Well, he finally made it. The house is now here in Fort Collins, ready to be moved onto its new foundation. Jim, and the good folks at Empire Carpentry will […]

Public Service Building

Midway through demolition

There is a significant change going on to the old Public Service Building on North Meldrum. Originally built as the Public Service Company building in 1972 (undoubtedly replacing some nice looking homes), most recently this building house a series of engineering companies. In 1993, RBD, a local engineering company purchased and […]

Enzio's Mural Project

This video clip was recently sent to me by Chris Bates. Thought you would all enjoy it. I really like the mural projects in Fort Collins.


Seeking Help

My business partner and I own a 1904 farmhouse on North Taft Hill Road. It is part of the property that we are developing into a community known as Midori. This old house has some really good bones, and we are planning on restoring this home. What I am looking for are any historical photos […]

Grandma’s Things

Recently I helped my dad sort through my grandmothers belongings that had been in storage for a few years. She passed a couple of years ago, and now my dad is looking to move on as well. In her later years, she moved a few times, so a lot of her furniture and other items […]

Cloverleaf Dog Track Help

A reader recently sent me this email…

Hi, found your web site through a site on flicker that had pic’s of the old Cloverleaf dog track. I recently bought a turnstile( 50 cent ) from Cloverleaf. Was told it was from Loveland dog track, found a betting ticket inside( jammed in the coin mech) that […]