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Update on Mountain Avenue House Remodel

West Mountain Remodel

I have had a few out of town readers respond off-line as to whatever happened with the house I blogged about some time back (click here). Here is the final house. I personally find this house to be very well done, respectful of the neighboring homes, and it fits right in […]

Mountain Avenue House Changing

I recently came upon this house on Mountain Avenue that had been gutted and the roof taken off. We shall see what happens with this one.

Stories I always meant to write. 1: Carillon bells

The bells at Saint Joes I might miss more than anything in Fort Collins when I go. But there’s also a carillon at the Episcopal church. I would have liked to find out more about them both. […]

Historic Neighborhood Markets, Ghost Signs, & the Armstrong Hotel

I have had SUCH a hard time keeping this quiet– I didn’t want to say anything until it was done. But for several weeks the Armstrong Hotel has been preparing a nice souvenir map of the neighborhood markets that the Lost Fort Collins blog wrote about last year.

The map in my original post was […]

Cunningham Corner: A 1970s Fort Collins barn band

Cunningham Corner is a condo complex on the corner of Horsetooth and Shields in Fort Collins. It’s also the name on the yellow barn that sat at that corner before the condos (it’s since been declared a historic landmark and moved elsewhere). And in the 1970s, it was the name of one of the hottest bands in Fort Collins. […]

Ask Uncle Norm: The landfill before

” Do you remember where the old landfill was? I believe it was also on Taft, but on the east side and closer to town” -Harry


As I remember, the landfill of the 60’s was just south of the southeast intersection of Harmony and Shields. This intersection no longer exists as several years ago […]

Paramount Cottage Camp photo found

In my last post, I wrote about how the owner of 1544 W. Oak plans to restore her ordinary apartment complex to recall its Paramount Cottage Camp roots.Today, a private collector, who asked not to be identified, gave me permission to show you this–A late 1920s postcard of Paramount Cottage Camp. Make sure you click through for the full-size version. […]

Camping not condos: Saving the Paramount Cottage Camp

1544 W. Oak wasn’t always a plain, uninteresting apartment complex. And if its owners have their way, it won’t be one much longer. […]

Pitkin street car tracks exhumed

Just got a tip from Darrin Goodman (the mando from Horsetooth Mountain Rangers) that construction on Remington and Pitkin has exposed tracks. There were originally 3 trolley lines in Fort Collins, one going to the “new” highschool at Remington and Pitkin. These must be them! […]

Sheely Drive: Midcentury modern landmark district in Fort Collins

Fort Collins’ Sheely Drive landmark district represents everything 1950s in architecture: Winding streets, low roof lines, decks, prominant garages and carports, with architectural attention to views, landscape, and cars. It was Frank Lloyd Wright’s post-war usonia just south of Prospect and Shields. […]