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Plan Fort Collins

The City of Fort Collins is undertaking two projects this year that will have an impact on the entire city, and on the east side-west side neighborhoods. The first is the update to City Plan, the overall guiding document for landuse within Fort Collins. This project is being dubbed, Plan Fort Collins. You can get […]

Fort Collins Civic Center

Change happens. Change is a fact of life Change can also be interesting. Sometimes it comes incrementally so you don’t really notice it, and sometimes it comes all at once as a big shock. Among the many changes in Fort Collins has been the emergence of the downtown civic center. The city and county went […]

Stories I always meant to write. 1: Carillon bells

The bells at Saint Joes I might miss more than anything in Fort Collins when I go. But there’s also a carillon at the Episcopal church. I would have liked to find out more about them both. […]

A Fort Collins midcentury Christmas

That’s right, I said CHRISTMAS. Colored lights, Stars, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus. In the 1950s, the whole town celebrated Christmas unapologetically. And Ruth B. Dermody took pictures to prove it. Click through to see holiday details. Is that a nativity in front of the courthouse?

City Hall. It doesn't look much different now.


The recycling tub paradox

Old bins (middle) and new (right)

Recently, the city of Fort Collins adopted changes to ordinances that, among other things, require trash haulers to offer new, larger recycling bins. This as part of a larger plan to meet “diversion” goals that will send 50% of our city’s waste to recycling rather than the […]

Waiting for a train: Fort Collins courts Amtrak

This past Tuesday, Fort Collins City Council voted to “support …a future Amtrak passenger rail service stop in Fort Collins as part of the national ongoing study for possible reinstatement of Amtrak’s Pioneer route. ” (See Coloradoan story).

The Pioneer route ran 1977-1997 from Seattle to Chicago, via Denver. Last year, the Federal Government ordered […]

The calaboose part 2: Something baaaad happened here

Well, I know at least some of you went looking for the calaboose (see original post here), because local merchants contacted me to ask about people with maps in their alleys.

I think the calaboose site is in the alley right next to LeRoy’s LockSafe Systems (326 Walnut). That’s why, in the first story, I […]

The calaboose, a mighty fine place to keep out of

Some local historians say the calaboose still stands in Fort Collins. Others say it came down years ago. They’re not sure because, despite numerous newspaper accounts, the only address we have for it is a tiny square marked “calaboose” on an old insurance map. I’ll give you the map, and if you’re an urban hiker type, you’ll want to go out to the site and decide for yourself if it’s still there or not. But first, let me tell you why anyone even cares about this 20×20 dump on an alley in Old Town. […]

Greeley Pipeline: Where are the naked river people?

A few weeks ago, Lost Fort Collins blog published a story about the conflict around the Greeley water pipeline that’s slated to trench through Fort Collins and some of our historic/natural areas soon. It’s their third pipe to bring water from the Greeley treatment facility in Bellvue, down to Greeley 30 miles away. It’s been in all the press, but there are a few important things you could have easily missed. […]

The garbage experiment

The City of Fort Collins, in its monthly insert that comes with the electric bill, says we should try to downsize our garbage service. So, I traded in my 66-gallon can, and sent away for tags. You pay $1.25 for a tag, then attach it to each bag of garbage you put out. This system rewards the citizen-consumer for minimizing garbage outflow. Only, I lost my tags before I ever used even one. […]