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Oldest Surviving “Beet Shack” Threatened

The Sugar Beet industry was a booming industry in Fort Collins early days. Around the turn of the 20th Century, workers were recruited from Nebraska, Kansas, and the Volga Region of Russia to work in the Beet Fields. The ‘Germans from Russia’, as these workers were affectionately called were hard working and experienced workers, mostly […]

Cunningham Corner: A 1970s Fort Collins barn band

Cunningham Corner is a condo complex on the corner of Horsetooth and Shields in Fort Collins. It’s also the name on the yellow barn that sat at that corner before the condos (it’s since been declared a historic landmark and moved elsewhere). And in the 1970s, it was the name of one of the hottest bands in Fort Collins. […]

Meet the Rommels

In 1915, Lewis Wickes Hine came to Fort Collins for a day as part of a project to document child labor in America. He photographed the Rommel house at 430 N. Loomis. It was boarded up in this October photo because the family was away harvesting beets. They would return to Fort Collins in the […]

Too much, farkled bus

Maggie Kunze’s farkled bus is about 3 feet over the line. That is, the property line over which the people next door want to build a privacy fence. And according to Kunze, they want to build the fence so nobody will have to look at her bus anymore.

Maggie's Joy Bus

But Kunze says […]

Lick and stick brick: Asphalt siding in Fort Collins

Thanks to the remodeling boom, there aren’t as many homes left with rolled asphalt siding. Lost Fort Collins gives a shout out to our old lick and stick brick heritage. […]

Besides breweries and bicycles: The Romero house

Imagine you build a house out of local and renewable materials. And you build it only 500 square feet for the whole family, in walking distance of your job. The yard is big enough for a significant garden, and you raise chickens and hang your own laundry on a clothes line.

Nobody gives you […]

That guy who lived in a car?

In a bigger city, Wesley would have been a nameless homeless guy, an addled WWII vet with an inconsistent story. But this is Fort Collins, so the papers wrote stories and people worried about him. […]

Hidden Fort Collins: Green Bay Packers trailer

The Green Bay Packers trailer home doesn’t belong on a Lost blog so much as a Hard-to-find blog. It’s hidden in plain site on our busiest street.

I think it’s symbolic of our tremendous tolerence. Because if you painted up your trailer home in Bronco Blue and Orange and perched it above mainstreet Wisconsin, […]

Children who work

I think any parent of a modern adolescent finds those pictures of child laborers in the early 20th century intriguing horrifying.

Just horrifying.

Henry, 14 years old

Yet, we marvel at what a 12-year-old could do if he had to. He could walk 8 blocks. He could stay off the couch most of […]

Basement houses

To be honest, when we had basement houses, they used to make me look away.

As a girl coming from a part of the country that had no basements, I thought these roof-on-a-foundation homes reminded me too much of those legless men on skateboards in Tijuana. Interesting, really interesting. But you don’t want to gawk.