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Jim Burrell's House

For the past year or so, Jim Burrell has been working tirelessly go get this old house moved from Loveland to Fort Collins. Well, he finally made it. The house is now here in Fort Collins, ready to be moved onto its new foundation. Jim, and the good folks at Empire Carpentry will […]

Oldest Surviving “Beet Shack” Threatened

The Sugar Beet industry was a booming industry in Fort Collins early days. Around the turn of the 20th Century, workers were recruited from Nebraska, Kansas, and the Volga Region of Russia to work in the Beet Fields. The ‘Germans from Russia’, as these workers were affectionately called were hard working and experienced workers, mostly […]

Greeley pipeline: Should Larimer County get more say?

By now you know about how the City of Greeley’s current pipeline project is threatening local natural and historic resources. And because of the way water law is historically structured, there’s not much Larimer county elected officials or residents can effectively say about that.

But that could change tomorrow night, Monday, Nov. 2. The County […]

Do we still need the Food Co-op?

Beet Street, an enterprise formed to bring tourist dollars to downtown Fort Collins, recently announced a “Homegrown Fort Collins” event for late September. It has something to do with eating local. And by that they mean eating at local restaurants, or eating from local farms, or drinking local beer. But among its partners for […]

Fort Collins Historic Preservation Endangered?

The city plans to cut one of its preservation positions. People who know about such things tell me that it means we’ll still have plenty of regulation, but no time for incentives. This could be a big blow to Fort Collins historic preservation. You can only regulate demolition for so long, before buildings become too run down to save. Some of us plan to show up tonight at City Council to ask for reconsideration. Public comment is from 6:00-6:30 pm at 300 LaPorte Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80521. If you care about such things, we’d like you to show up. Speak, or just be present. It will mean a lot to those who oversee the historic integrity of Fort Collins. […]

Colorado: America's Uranium Basket

The olden days were a simpler time, I’ve heard. And now I have proof: From the 1952 “Vacation Issue” of Colorado Wonderland magazine. “Colorado, America’s Uranium Basket,” must have seemed like a fresh article idea for a magazine that usually kept to trout fishing, skiing, and hunting. […]

Too much, farkled bus

Maggie Kunze’s farkled bus is about 3 feet over the line. That is, the property line over which the people next door want to build a privacy fence. And according to Kunze, they want to build the fence so nobody will have to look at her bus anymore.

Maggie's Joy Bus

But Kunze says […]

Greeley Pipeline: Where are the naked river people?

A few weeks ago, Lost Fort Collins blog published a story about the conflict around the Greeley water pipeline that’s slated to trench through Fort Collins and some of our historic/natural areas soon. It’s their third pipe to bring water from the Greeley treatment facility in Bellvue, down to Greeley 30 miles away. It’s been in all the press, but there are a few important things you could have easily missed. […]

The garbage experiment

The City of Fort Collins, in its monthly insert that comes with the electric bill, says we should try to downsize our garbage service. So, I traded in my 66-gallon can, and sent away for tags. You pay $1.25 for a tag, then attach it to each bag of garbage you put out. This system rewards the citizen-consumer for minimizing garbage outflow. Only, I lost my tags before I ever used even one. […]


Hey Fort Collins, what if this year we did Backyfest along with Brewfest? Regional tobacco growers and hookah bars could set up booths downtown where they hand out samples of private blends like Rocky Mountain Air-cured, Mile-high Burley, and the nationally popular, Snowshredder’s Shisha. […]