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Fort Collins Thing: Annie the Railroad Dog

Editor’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

If you’ve been here:

You might have seen this:

Let’s take a closer look at what the plaque says…

But did you know that if you went here:

You would find this if you looked for it:

That is Annie’s grave. She […]

Christmas Lights at the Gardens on Spring Creek

Christmas Lights Cover the Watering Can

Recently the kids and I visited the Gardens on Spring Creek to see all the christmas lights. It was (and is) quite the display, probably one of the more brilliant displays in town. This got me to thinking, are there any other traditional christmas light displays in Fort […]

Fort Collins Thing: Beer

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

“There is no Fort in Beer Collins.”

When I moved to the Choice City in 1999 you could buy shirts that said that. It has been years now since I have seen one but I believe it still rings true. The citizens of Fort Collins are blessed […]

Fort Collins Thing: Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

When I moved to Fort Collins way back in 1999 this work of art was almost the thing of urban legend. People would speak of this giant Andy Warhol soup can that CSU once had. I never gave it much thought because I assumed it was either […]