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Frank Miller

Editor’s Note: This story was provided by Captain Bevo. Frank Miller was the person driving the stagecoach on a recent Where in Fort Collins Picture.

Frank Miller with Buffalo Bill Cody's show

Buffalo Bill at the Trails End Ranch

Fair Store in the MIller Building

Frank Miller Artwork of Fort Collins


Mosman House

Last week, one of our out of town readers, Patricia, emailed me saying that she had grown up in Fort Collins, and remembers her great grandparents house in the vicinity of the old Library on Matthews Street. After some dialogue back and forth, and a little digging on my part going through old phone books, […]

E.W. Whitcomb and the unfortunate expedition

Town father, Elias Whitcomb, was a cattleman who helped found the Agricultural Colony, which became Fort Collins. He came from the East with nothing, married an Indian woman, built an impressive house north of town, and got a street named for him.

He’s even in the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Here’s a photo of him […]

Odetta's practically secret show in Fort Collins

Some folks sing songs. Odetta testified.–Time magazine

In the early 1990s, I rented cheap office space at the Northern Hotel. That’s how I saw the single flyer at Bar Bazarre announcing Odetta in concert. It was the only public notice for the show.

The Northern’s owner, Bill Stark, said the singer was in town […]

Andy Warhol befriends local cow

Real pop art in Fort Collins? You betcha! An Andy Warhol soup right in front of the old high school on Remington. See? We’re not a bunch of hicks. Here’s how we got the lawn art: […]

Barack Obama comes to Fort Collins

I went to the Barack Obama rally today. I don’t stand in lines when I can avoid it, so listened from the railroad tracks that run by the Oval. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t get to have a moment:

Crowds gather on railroad tracks

I heard a woman ask, as she passed, […]

Jack Benny Handprint Hoax!

You know that Jack Benny handprint downtown? It’s in front of the bank on the corner of Mountain and College.

I heard it’s not really Benny’s handprint.

In 1964, Jack was here celebrating Fort Collins 100th anniversary. (It could be that his mother lived here.) He and others dipped hands in cement block, but then […]