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Early Car Dealers

Ghent Motors

Captain Bevo and myself have been wondering about the history of this building. Captain believes it was originally Ghent Motors, with the showroom being on the corner (where City Drug is now), with this side being the mechanics shop. However, the recently revealed ghost sign does not really say that. Then again neither […]

Fort Collins Place: Poor Sport

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

There are places in this world that are in plain sight but seen by few. The Poor Sport is one of those places.

It is a fine establishment located in Fort Collins. But I do not know of many residents who know of it. If you’re […]

Fort Collins Thing: Beer

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

“There is no Fort in Beer Collins.”

When I moved to the Choice City in 1999 you could buy shirts that said that. It has been years now since I have seen one but I believe it still rings true. The citizens of Fort Collins are blessed […]

Public Service Building

Midway through demolition

There is a significant change going on to the old Public Service Building on North Meldrum. Originally built as the Public Service Company building in 1972 (undoubtedly replacing some nice looking homes), most recently this building house a series of engineering companies. In 1993, RBD, a local engineering company purchased and […]

Cloverleaf Dog Track Help

A reader recently sent me this email…

Hi, found your web site through a site on flicker that had pic’s of the old Cloverleaf dog track. I recently bought a turnstile( 50 cent ) from Cloverleaf. Was told it was from Loveland dog track, found a betting ticket inside( jammed in the coin mech) that […]

Armory Reveal

You may have read recently that the old Armory building on East Mountain Avenue is being refurbished again. This time, says owner Paul Jenson, he wants to return it to its 1907 roots as a public event hall. Last week, one of the contractors on the project, Jeff Down, took me on a tour of the building. I asked a few questions and took a lot of photos. Here, I’ll show you: […]

So Long Fort Collins

Writing Lost Fort Collins has been a load of fun. In fact, it’s been an obsession. But lately, just about every part of my life has changed. My work is drying up, my family is transitioning, and I’m ready for some change.

So, I’m moving on. To Bismarck, North Dakota, of all places.

But before […]

Historic Neighborhood Markets, Ghost Signs, & the Armstrong Hotel

I have had SUCH a hard time keeping this quiet– I didn’t want to say anything until it was done. But for several weeks the Armstrong Hotel has been preparing a nice souvenir map of the neighborhood markets that the Lost Fort Collins blog wrote about last year.

The map in my original post was […]

Restaurant review: Big City Burrito

My day job is interfering with my blog this week. That’s why I’m offering up something a bit more creative than historic. Wrote it in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. Historic content to return after the real work is done. […]

The recycling tub paradox

Old bins (middle) and new (right)

Recently, the city of Fort Collins adopted changes to ordinances that, among other things, require trash haulers to offer new, larger recycling bins. This as part of a larger plan to meet “diversion” goals that will send 50% of our city’s waste to recycling rather than the […]