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Poudre Magazine 1982

You know how sometimes you think you’re enjoying something, then suddenly notice yourself enveloped in hopelessness? Like when you listen to too many Townes Van Zandt records? That happened to me recently. […]

Lost Authors: Murder and Mirth by Fancher Sarchet

“…They made their way through two feet of snow for a block from the club to College and Mountain Avenue, then another block south on College to Oak Street; then they floundered through the snow west on Oak three blocks, which brought them directly across the street from Russell’s home. Here, for the twentieth time, they stopped for a breather.When Russell caught his breath and could speak, he exclaimed, “My God, we are never going to make it. ” […]

Lost Authors: Back to Buckeye by Esther Greenacre Hall

“But this isn’t the kind of place I expected Fort Collins to be,” she exclaimed in dismay… […]

Lost Authors: Edgar Avery's diary

12-year-old Edgar Avery’s 1890 diary seems mundane until you remember that the trains his family caught in and out of town were stopping just downtown. And the swimming hole was the Poudre. And the wind storms and the afternoon rain…just like here and now. But then. […]