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Blog Glitch

My apologies to our readers. I updated the blogging platform and theme last night, and somehow lost the image file that is behind the posts. This made the site next to impossible to read. A loyal reader pointed this out to me today, and I was able to correct the problem. Again, my apologies.

Introducing Daryle, Another new Guest Authors

Many of you may know Daryle Dickens. He is a local writer, and recently produced the FortCollinsNoun blog. He has decided to shut that blog down, but has graciously offered the content of his blog to Lost Fort Collins. Over time, I will release that content as new posts. He does have some good tidbits. […]

Introducing Jamie, our New Guest Author

While the Gettin’s Good

LFC’s focus on the not-too-distant past hits a mark I think many places miss in their history-gathering efforts.

I like that.

To me, history happened yesterday and this morning. If we’re not careful to pay attention to the details of the present, we’ll lose important insight into the people and events […]

Welcome to the New Lost Fort Collins

Welcome to the new home of Lost Fort Collins. I have worked hard to get this new blog up and running as fast as I could. I hope you will find it just as informative as the old blog. I will be making a few additions to the blog over time, including replacing the rotating […]

Lost Fort Collins – The Future

After taking some time to think about things, talking to several people, and with the encouragement of readers, I have decided to continue the Lost Fort Collins blog. It is unfortunate what has happened, but that ship has now sailed. Over time, we will try to recreate as much of the content as possible, and […]

Lost Fort Collins is Diminished

Unfortunately, Cat has decided to remove all of her posts and information from the blog that she has put in over the years. Recently there has been several instances of people taking photos and other information from this blog, always without permission. Cat got fed up with this, and decided to remove all of her […]

I think I am lost!

Don’t worry, I am still around. Work and life has gotten in the way recently. Oh yeah, and re-plumbing a 1904 farmhouse. I swear, they installed the plumbing, and built the house around it. Only way I can explain steel pipe connections embedded in a stud. I am working on some new material though.

Hello Lost Fort Collins

I know you have all been waiting, and it is finally here. As of today, I am officially taking over duties at Lost Fort Collins. I am quite humbled by this prospect, and very excited about it as well. Cat and I have been following each others blogs for a couple of years, but until […]

Stories I always meant to write: 2. Heroines of local preservation

I always meant to write a series of posts about the women who made this town what it is. This was no ladies club dressing up for Victorian tea parties. These were women who fought like hell and put fear in the heart of any politician that got in the way. At least that’s how I always imagined them. […]

Stories I always meant to write. 1: Carillon bells

The bells at Saint Joes I might miss more than anything in Fort Collins when I go. But there’s also a carillon at the Episcopal church. I would have liked to find out more about them both. […]