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Where in Fort Collins?

Where in Fort Collins?

For a change of pace, we will see how many of you can figure out this one. I know a couple of you will know this right away, but lets see if the others can figure it out!


Cunningham Corner Band plans reunion

A couple months ago, Lost Fort Collins posted a story about 1970s band Cunningham Corner. That article sparked “a lot of e-mails and phone numbers … exchanged from countless friends of the band,” says Kevin Donnelly. Now, the band plans a reunion! […]

Lost Louis Armstrong

If you’re new in town, you might not know about Louis Armstrong. He was a life-size statue on the stage in Old Town Square. Rocked off his foundation, he disappeared one night in 2001.

What became of him? Still missing. I’m only bringing him up now because he came up in a conversation a year […]

Cunningham Corner: A 1970s Fort Collins barn band

Cunningham Corner is a condo complex on the corner of Horsetooth and Shields in Fort Collins. It’s also the name on the yellow barn that sat at that corner before the condos (it’s since been declared a historic landmark and moved elsewhere). And in the 1970s, it was the name of one of the hottest bands in Fort Collins. […]

Poudre Magazine 1982

You know how sometimes you think you’re enjoying something, then suddenly notice yourself enveloped in hopelessness? Like when you listen to too many Townes Van Zandt records? That happened to me recently. […]

New mural for Beavers Market

Work began today on a new mural for Beavers’ market.

Artist Chris Bates, who’s painted transformer boxes (pdf) and other murals downtown, plans several panels along the west parking lot wall.

Bates says he wanted to paint the street-facing east side, but quickly realized that the snow plows on North Shields Street leave […]

Polly Brinkhoff: The woman behind Whale Rock

If Hugh Everett was right, and I have parallel selves who fork every time I make a decision–somewhere, I hope one of me lives like Polly Brinkhoff.

I imagine a life with more sun, music, sweat, and trees than money. I imagine a life of self-reliance, feral family, and urgent inspiration. A difficult life, but […]

Vintage safe at City Drug for sale

City Drug in Old Town keeps its most extraordinary curiosity behind the counter where you can’t see it. And now this hidden treasure is for sale. […]

Pup tents, prayer flags, and the amazing glass dome

Recently, two readers who no longer live around here remembered the elegant glass dome at the Northern Hotel Ballroom. Is it still there? Yep. Here’s where to look. […]

Gargoyles and fish heads: Ft Collins' WPA fountain

Rejected by Denver, “negotiated” away from City Park, and all but absent from the internet. Our bitchen 1936 WPA fountain deserves better. Lostfortcollins dedicates a whole page to it. […]