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Tour D Fat 2011

This annual costumed bike riding parade is hosted by New Belgium Brewery. This year, a record 15,000 people participated in the bike ride around old town. Here are some pictures I took. They were from my phone, so not the best quality in the world. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; […]

Merry Christmas Lost Fort Collins

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of Lost Fort Collins. Here are some more christmas light pictures.

Old Town Christmas 2010

Old Town Christmas Ice Skating 2010

Trimble Court Christmas 2010


Christmas Lights at the Gardens on Spring Creek

Christmas Lights Cover the Watering Can

Recently the kids and I visited the Gardens on Spring Creek to see all the christmas lights. It was (and is) quite the display, probably one of the more brilliant displays in town. This got me to thinking, are there any other traditional christmas light displays in Fort […]

So Long Fort Collins

Writing Lost Fort Collins has been a load of fun. In fact, it’s been an obsession. But lately, just about every part of my life has changed. My work is drying up, my family is transitioning, and I’m ready for some change.

So, I’m moving on. To Bismarck, North Dakota, of all places.

But before […]

A Fort Collins midcentury Christmas

That’s right, I said CHRISTMAS. Colored lights, Stars, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus. In the 1950s, the whole town celebrated Christmas unapologetically. And Ruth B. Dermody took pictures to prove it. Click through to see holiday details. Is that a nativity in front of the courthouse?

City Hall. It doesn't look much different now.



Hey Fort Collins, what if this year we did Backyfest along with Brewfest? Regional tobacco growers and hookah bars could set up booths downtown where they hand out samples of private blends like Rocky Mountain Air-cured, Mile-high Burley, and the nationally popular, Snowshredder’s Shisha. […]

Fort Collins Festivals: Pristine femininity at Colorado State University

Fort Collins adds one or two festivals to its calendar every year. Music, warm beer, sticky food.

But for beauty and grace, none match the May Fete at CSU in the 1920s–an annual display of “pristine femininity.”

“From the shrubbery, the fairies stole forth…Pan and his dancing nymphs, the four winds, […]

City works and city shwag

I found this historic piece of city shwag at EcoThrift. Most of us can remember times when we tried to conserve water, but this hearkens to a time when we also conserved sand: Just 3.5 minutes on your 5-minute shower timer.

But that was another time and another logo.

What’s going on with […]

Turkey vultures return to Mountain Ave

No matter what the calendar says, Winter isn’t over in Fort Collins until the vultures return to their pines at 920 W. Mountain.

The first of them arrived today (Tuesday). Soon, 50 or more will follow.

Welcome home, guys.

Happy Spring everybody.

The irrigation tell: Snow on Longs Peak indicates water supply

The Big Thompson Project created a system dams and diversions in the late 1940s. It brings water under the divide and averages our rainfall and snowpack. So if there is a man in Long’s Peak, he’s defunct anyway. […]