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Tour D Fat 2011

This annual costumed bike riding parade is hosted by New Belgium Brewery. This year, a record 15,000 people participated in the bike ride around old town. Here are some pictures I took. They were from my phone, so not the best quality in the world. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; […]

Poudre Valley Creamery Building

There has been some discussion recently around the demolition of the Creamery Building, so I thought I would post these pictures that I took a few days ago of the actual demolition.

After removal of the billboard. Now you can see the ghost sign.

Safe from Demolition


The Wooden Section was […]

Frank Miller

Editor’s Note: This story was provided by Captain Bevo. Frank Miller was the person driving the stagecoach on a recent Where in Fort Collins Picture.

Frank Miller with Buffalo Bill Cody's show

Buffalo Bill at the Trails End Ranch

Fair Store in the MIller Building

Frank Miller Artwork of Fort Collins


Where in Fort Collins?

Where in Fort Collins

Where in Fort Collins?

Captain Bevo recently found this photograph, and he asks of you the following questions. First, what is this? Second, what was it next too?

Early Car Dealers

Ghent Motors

Captain Bevo and myself have been wondering about the history of this building. Captain believes it was originally Ghent Motors, with the showroom being on the corner (where City Drug is now), with this side being the mechanics shop. However, the recently revealed ghost sign does not really say that. Then again neither […]

Where in Fort Collins?

Lets see how many of you can figure out where these are. While unintended, would this classify as art now?

Where in Fort Collins?

Thinking of Spring – Fort Collins Gardens

No Grass!

Old Town Yard

If you are anything like me, this time of year you are getting cabin fever big time, anxiously awaiting for spring for the first signs of greenery. To hold you over, peruse the pictures of some of my favorite gardens in Fort Collins. Most of these I took last June In the […]

Northern Hotel

Northern Hotel Sign in 2011

Commercial Hotel 1893

The Northern Hotel has been one of the iconic buildings in Fort Collins since its construction in 1873. When it was built though, it looked much different than it does today, originally it was built as the Agricultural Hotel with what I believe to have been three floors. In the 1880’s […]


Spudnuts Ad

Spudnuts Ad

Given the recent comments on Spudnuts, Captain Bevo dug this up and asked that I post it.

Where in Fort Collins?

Where in Fort Collins?

For a change of pace, we will see how many of you can figure out this one. I know a couple of you will know this right away, but lets see if the others can figure it out!