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The Lost Fort Collins blog is an unofficial exploration of historic Fort Collins. You’ll find topics about old commercial sites, art, housing, people, places, and things.

Terence Hoaglund

Terence is a lifelong Colorado resident, and has lived in Fort Collins since 1985 (minus a three year stint in Denver). He is a Landscape Architect and loves writing about places, bricks and mortar. Currently Terence sits on the City of Fort Collins Landmark Preservation Commission.

He can be reached at terence@lostfortcollins.net


Cat, The original owner of Lostfortcollins. She decided to move out of state, but graciously let Terence continue the blog for her.

Museum, etc. Fort Collins has great historic resources: the Museum, Poudre Landmarks, and the Archives (I love the archives). Then there are the history columnists. I try not to replicate what they do so well. That’s why you’ll never see a bio of Franklin Avery here (but you might see something about what a Mama’s boy his son, Edgar, was).

I’m not trying to be an historian or journalist. Meaning, I’m happy to publish rumors and stories I hear (but I won’t make things up). The museum and archives can tell you the truth about all of it. Really, check things out with them before you take my word for anything.

Landmark Preservation Office, Karen McWilliams is a fabulous source of information on historical buildings in Fort Collins. If you have questions about your home, place of business, or most anything else, be sure to give her a call.