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Where in Fort Collins?

Where in Fort Collins

Where in Fort Collins?

Captain Bevo recently found this photograph, and he asks of you the following questions.
First, what is this?
Second, what was it next too?

23 comments to Where in Fort Collins?

  • steve

    I believe this is a stagecoachwith a happy Will Rogers impersonator on it. I believe the stagecoachused to live in a display next to the war memorial that once stood at the intersection of College and LaPorte.

  • John

    I agree with Steve — wasn’t it in a glassed in display in the median north of the intersection??

  • Pearl

    Ah, Frank Miller on his stagecoach. Love it! Can Capt. Bevo scan this at a higher resolution? I’d love to see more detail?

  • captainbevo

    Wow Pearl great catch on that one. You may like the next story.

  • captainbevo

    If you left click on the picture you should be able to save it in another format and go from there.

  • captainbevo

    just for fun are you a member of the westerners

  • steve

    Should we know who Frank Miller is?

  • Susan

    OK, Frank Miller, but as Terence asked, “What is it next too?”

  • captainbevo

    The war memorial and the building that housed the stagecoach were located in the grassy median at the corner of Laporte and College. The grassy median is still there but to me it looks empty.

  • I took photos of the war memorial with ahanging effigy of the Ayatollah on it, but didn’t get good pix of the stagecoach, which I thought would be there forever. Is it true that it ended up in a bar nearby? Sacrilege!

  • captainbevo

    Kip I sure would like to see those photos-I kind of remember something about the hanging in effigy-fortunately the coach is in the museum out of the weather-and was actually semi restored by some prisoners-you can get up close to it now and see all of the graffiti that kids wrote on it back in the mid 20th century

  • I have a flickr set of (mostly) my 1979 Ft. Collins pictures and a 1960s map. Here’s one Ayatollah pic, and here’s <a href="one that includes the memorial. (There are also larger sizes at the set.) As I look at that second picture, I realize that the stagecoach had already been taken out of its little shelter when I took these pictures, which is why I don’t have a shot of it.

  • (Slightly malformed html up there, but the links work.)

  • steve

    Kip, being of a similar vintage, I do enjoy veiwing your late 70’s photos. The demise of the Poudre Valley Creamery made me remember the evening I walked the half block from my dads business to buy us both ice cream cones there. They had an ice cream shop in the little building on LaPorte Ave. Anyway, we both desired orange sherbet. I was carrying them back and wouldn’t you know, I dropped one! And wouldn’t you know, it was the one that was supposed to be my dads! I was such a lucky kid. PS. Hang on to those 45’s, Mike McGuffey is in Denver.

  • Steve, where was your dad’s business? By a coincidence, it was maybe just around a half block or so to the alley stable where Mike McGuffy was rehearsing with Bobby St. John the last time I saw him.

    I also remember for a while there was a Poudre Valley Creamery on West Oak, maybe in the same place Pitzelle’s was later on. I used to go over there and get one of their self-named Pitzelles for lunch — a sort of modified Stromboli, perhaps, with cheese and red sauce and probably some pizza meat.

    I was saddened to hear of the Poudre Valley Creamery going away. I wish they could have at least saved the little building, which appealed to me more than the rest of the place.

    We used to live at 512 Laporte, back when it was red and white and had a neon street number that Dad’s friend Ronnie had made for us at Excel-Art. I found and scanned a slide of my sisters and I standing on the front steps, dressed for Easter, taken 49 or 50 years ago. Like our subsequent house, where I lived for 14 years, it gets brought to my attention by my sister Martha whenever it’s up for sale again.

  • Terence

    Kip – The little building with the butterfly roof is staying. It is the main creamery building that is coming down. I had the opportunity to tour the building a few months ago. It is indeed very dangerous and structurally unsound. I hate to see old buildings go too, but it would take a huge investment to make this building useful again, and I doubt anyone would recognize it. The city is trying to keep as many of the unusual items inside that they can, such as the elevator, freezer doors, etc.

  • steve

    I guess out of nostalgia I will say, hooray for you little building. Why they would leave it standing and get rid of everything else seems curious. Perhaps someone has a plan. Kip: My dad had a pinball and jukebox business that he operated out of two builings in the alley between Howes and the Strang grain elevator. My band rehearsed in the corner of one of the buildings and that is no doubt where you last saw Michael and Bobby rehearsing.

  • Well, it might be. I seem to recall it was between the laundromat (not Stark’s, but the smaller one in a slightly remodeled house three door or so away from the corner, across from St. Joseph’s). It seemed just like an old stable or something, with a large wooden door on the alley.

  • Leisure Laundry, I believe it was. Run by Gil, whose last name… well, you know.

  • steve

    Kip, I think we are narrowing the divide between what we remember and what was. If you pull up an older entry on this blog for the Fort Collins Civic Center, you will see a photo showing part of the Laundomat and the two houses that were in front of the buildings my dads’ business (and my band operated out of). I believe we are talking about the same building…the very large door certainly fits the bill.

  • steve

    I apologize to everyone, up to and perhaps including Kip at this point, for the boring detour about an old building. I had to check the city photo history archives to update my poor memory. For having spent so much of my youth in that neighborhood, I was suprised I had completely forgotten the small laundy in the middle of the block at 122 North Howes. The band rehearsed behind 132 North Howes, in the SW corner of the building with the very large door. A time machine would be quite handy right now.

  • You’re not boring me! I remember Leisure Laundry because we never had a working washing machine for more than about a month, and the rest of the years I lived at home, Mom and I would typically go do the wash at Gil’s, with its little vending machine of piñon nuts (and a jukebox, but I think that was after Mom no longer lived in Colorado). We discovered that coins would wash down into the moat around the machines, and Mom generally would supply me with a piece of sugarless gum (4 cents a pack at Steele’s) and I’d scrounge a stick and prospect for coins.

    I’ll keep an open mind about the rehearsal venue. Do you remember the horse (or probably pony) that somebody kept in one of the yards between Leisure Laundry and the corner opposite Steele’s? I always felt so sorry for that animal in its tiny domain.

    Do the photo archives at the library’s web site have any good pictures of these things? (For values of “good” that tend to be very tiny.)

  • steve

    I do not remember the pony. I suppose that is the kind of thing I would just as soon forget, I would have felt sorry for the poor thing as well. I do remember during College Days once when I was probably 8 years old or so, my dad paid the dollar so that I could wrestle the bear. I had been watching all of the adults try their luck (many of whom were full of the 3.2 coors beer of the era). I was certain that through my careful observation I had discovered the secret to bear wrestling. The secret that all the adults had missed; simply rush the bear, take his legs out and certain victory would be mine…I’msorry to report that my method was not so effective. I still remember that bear laying on me for what seemed like 20 minutes of hairy darkness.

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