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Where in Fort Collins?

Where in Fort Collins?

For a change of pace, we will see how many of you can figure out this one. I know a couple of you will know this right away, but lets see if the others can figure it out!

10 comments to Where in Fort Collins?

  • Karen

    Well and truly stumped on this one. It’s after my time. But I’ll embarrass myself with a complete stab in the dark. How about Rolly Moore Park? :-)

  • 3D

    That wonderful piece of public art is diagonally across the street from a truely wretched peice of public art. The contrast between the two pieces couldn’t be more striking. One piece engaging. And the other mawkishly off-putting. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the subdivision, but it’s well-designed and located south of Harmony, not far from the new high school.

  • 3D

    Oh, and it’s a piece that I also thought should be blogged about — and was about to do so at my blog.

  • Kate

    Is it in Observatory Village? Or in Harvest Farm? We live nearby but have no art in our neighborhood. :(

  • Susan

    Oooh, Kate’s very close! I drive/walk by it often, so will not give it away.

  • Lost peeps are circling the wagons!

  • Well, you all circled and got close. This piece of artwork is located in the Harvest neighborhood in Southeast Fort Collins (I knew that Susan would get it right away).

    @3D. Thank you for the nice comments about the neighborhood. It was designed by yours truly.

  • Susan

    I agree with 3D–we looked in that neighborhood before we bought in Obs. Vill. We enjoy walking there–beautifully designed!

  • Karen

    Very nice. Congratulations. That’s one thing I miss very much about Fort Collins–all of the great local artists.

  • Cindy Stonemets

    I know where it is. I live right next to it.
    It is off Rock Creek Dr.

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