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Where in Fort Collins

Where in Fort Collins

Another image provided courtesy of Captain Bevo. Can you guess not only what building this is in, but what the business is?

23 comments to Where in Fort Collins

  • I think that’s the cafe/bar that used to be in The Armstrong Hotel. But, I don’t know what it was previously named before Ace Gillett’s took over.

    And, I could be totally wrong.

  • Phil Siefken

    Ace Gillett’s coffee shop in the Northern Hotel.

  • Karen

    Hmm. That ceiling looks familiar so I think I’ll have to go with Phil. Ace Gillett’s Cafe in the Northern Hotel?

  • Pat Likuhy

    I agree w/ Phil. Where does Capn. Bevo find these cool old photos of ft. collins? I’d love to see more.

  • Susan

    You’ve got me stumped this time!

  • Heather

    It reminds me of the counter at the old Woolworth’s…

  • steve

    If it were Woolworths, you would be able to enjoy the worlds best chocolate soda ever. If it were a malt in a classic, iconic fountain glass you desired, a simple walk half a block south would have taken you to the lunch counter of the Walgreens once located there. I had wondered if the counter in the picture wasn’t possibly one of the many Silver Grill versions that have existed but I could believe Ace Gillets as the front runner. White Spot Cafe for cinnamon rolls anyone?

  • Susan

    Okay, according to the city’s photo archives, it’s definitely what Phil said. It’s not cheating to search the archives, is it? 😉

  • You are correct, it is the Ace Gillets in the Northern. Looks like a cool place, but well before my time!

  • Karen

    Does anybody have a photo of the old Woolworth’s soda fountain? It’s been a long time since I thought about that. And then the other thing you remind me of–does anybody remember the drive-in, I think it was called “King’s”? It was located somewhere between the Mulberry/College Safeway and Perkins? I’m not misremembering that, am I?

  • steve

    Karen you are remembering correctly. I wish I could remember the name on the menu of the deep fried vein clogging entree I enjoyed there. The inside seating had booths with telephones to place your order. Continuing south, who remembers the swankier restaurant that was located in what was or is now Big City Burrito. As for another lunch counter of fond memory, I offer up the counter of the long gone Spudnut.

  • captainbevo

    I think that sandwich was a cheese frenchee kind of like a heart attack on a plate to this geezer. By the way Dennys has something similar. MMMMM spudnuts.

  • Was Spudnuts on College where Los Terrascos was before they moved next door?

  • D.

    Mmmm, spudnuts. Found this online:
    Spudnuts in Fort Collins

  • Karen

    Wow. Spudnuts. Thanks for the memories!

    On King’s wasn’t the drive-in underground or something? So you got heart attack on a plate + car exhaust? My Dad used to go in there for onion rings and get me a shake as we were going through town, I think. But I was too young to remember clearly.

  • captainbevo

    My Grandmother loved Kings. I remember her saying the people who work here dont smoke. Now why she thought that important I have no idea she always had a Salem attached to her lips. On the menu there was a statement that said that the employees did not somke. Back in the 60s this was an odd thing to market. I dont remember if there were ashtrays for the customers but for some reason I recall those throw away aluminum kind sitting by the phone.

  • johnt

    ok chiming in here favorite soda counter was at the Campus Bookstore at the northwest corner of Laurel and College only place in town where you could get a Green river — Also remember my dad having a coffee group that met every Saturday morning at 9am the first place they met was at Ace Gillettes when it closed they moved to a coffee shop just south of jc pennys

  • captainbevo

    yep Bakes coffee shop but that is a later post
    original coffee shops before starbucks

  • King’s Food Host indeed, where I used to happily eat Cheese Frenchees or Tuna Frenchees, or foot-long hot dogs. Probably the first place I had hot fudge sundaes, too. There was one in Greeley as well.

    Somewhere around or after high school, a friend reacted with a sort of disbelief when I went in King’s and ordered garlic toast and a hot fudge sundae. I don’t know what his problem was. I wasn’t dipping.

    I think I actually ate one time at the Woolworth’s lunch counter. Other than that, it came at a time in life when I had no money of my own and my folks just didn’t fritter money away at lunch counters. I do remember their incredible candy counter, though, and all the Pez flavors they had at the height of Pezmania.

  • Alas, I never ate in the Northern Hotel, either, despite living there for a few months around 1977. I could write a book about the opportunities I passed up.

  • Karen

    Oh my! Cheese Frenchees! Good memory! Thanks Kip!

  • I’m happy to share. Where, outside the internet, could I find someone who wants to hear about what I ate in the 70s? (Sounds kind of weird like that.) I’d forgotten about the phones at the tables, though I can remember them in the drive-up area on the side facing the old First Christian Church, and halfway recall the house that was next to the drive-up.

    You never know what will make a big impression on you. I remember eating at a drive-up in Texas that had elevated tracks out to each car, and your food would come to your window on a little cart, all by itself. Even slightly neater than the drive-in trays that still hook on your car window at Smitty’s in Hampton, VA (home of the Twirly Dog).

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