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Rumor has it… Fort Collins is a “Hub for Jazz”

Hot or Not?

A reader asked me to check on persistent rumors he’d heard that Fort Collins has been a hot spot on the jazz radar through the years.

Sorry, but not really. Although time to time there are related bursts of activity, Denver seems to claim most of the title of Colorado’s jazz hub. […]

Blog Glitch

My apologies to our readers. I updated the blogging platform and theme last night, and somehow lost the image file that is behind the posts. This made the site next to impossible to read. A loyal reader pointed this out to me today, and I was able to correct the problem. Again, my apologies.

Fort Collins Place: Poor Sport

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

There are places in this world that are in plain sight but seen by few. The Poor Sport is one of those places.

It is a fine establishment located in Fort Collins. But I do not know of many residents who know of it. If you’re […]

Fort Collins Thing: Beer

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

“There is no Fort in Beer Collins.”

When I moved to the Choice City in 1999 you could buy shirts that said that. It has been years now since I have seen one but I believe it still rings true. The citizens of Fort Collins are blessed […]