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Fort Collins Thing: Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

When I moved to Fort Collins way back in 1999 this work of art was almost the thing of urban legend. People would speak of this giant Andy Warhol soup can that CSU once had. I never gave it much thought because I assumed it was either long gone, maybe now residing at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg or long forgotten in some CSU warehouse never to be seen again.



But thankfully this fine piece of art has now found a home in front of CSU’s University Center for the Arts.



The can and Warhol’s visit to Fort Collins has received a lot of attention recently. That is because of CSU’s Art Museum’s two exhibits Through Warhol’s Lens and Warhol’s Flowers. The museum is looking for people who have memories of the 1981 visit from Warhol. You can read more about that here.

8 comments to Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can

  • Thanks for this! I’m approaching one year of living in Fort Collins and wasn’t aware of Warhol’s visit or the giant can. I drove past it yesterday after reading this post. Pretty cool!

  • Originally the soup can was on the CSU campus for years in front of the Art Building. For reasons that escape me right now, it wound up being moved to its current location.

  • Hi! Your LinkedIn post brought me to your site. How happy was I to see the giant Warhol can?! (As it happens, my site is all about giant things and wacky tourist attractions … so you know I love this can!)

    Good job with your blog :)

  • Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists ever, I love this piece!

  • Mark

    I believe that there were 2 or 3 Campbells Soup cans. Andy signed them all. Waht happened to the others?

  • Joey Dalesandro

    When A. Warhola came to town for the can’s ‘opening’ he did a signing. My friend K.V. pulled out from beneath his overcoat , a 12 foot boa to have signed. He was removed by security hahhahahhahah

  • I am so excited to see this article. I actually studied Art at CSU, The Andy Warhol cans were there when I attended, then one day they were gone. I always wondered what happened to them. I figured they were concerned about the damaging affects of weather.

    Glad to see they are safe and sound and in good hands!!

    Shannon Roan Gini

  • Josh

    So, where is the can now? It’s since been removed.

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