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Mountain Avenue House Changing

I recently came upon this house on Mountain Avenue that had been gutted and the roof taken off. We shall see what happens with this one.

7 comments to Mountain Avenue House Changing

  • Perhaps it is a fixer-flipper! :)

  • i saw this house on saturday and the first thing i thought of was this blog! i wanted to run back home immediately and find out if anyone knew what was happening. lol!

    yeah, talk about a home remodel. from the looks of it, this house isn’t going to look anything like it once did. why did they even save the bit they did?

    this is nearly (but not quite) as bad as that house in the 1000 block of oak where they took all but a short front and side wall down. (or the house across the street from it where they left the front room and removed all the rest). honestly, at that point i just wonder, why bother? you’re obviously not interested in restoring the house or maintaining its original look.

  • Jamie

    It reminds me too much of a friend’s experience with their log house on Elizabeth. They redid the interior, including the kitchen. You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, welcoming home.

    Too bad they didn’t get the historical tag on the house before they sold it. Within days of purchase, the flipper had gutted and replaced their kitchen with stainless steel industrial fixtures, destroyed the fireplace, and worst of all – chopped off the log ends and stuccoed the outside. He sold it for 25% more than he paid for it.

    No accounting for taste, I guess.

  • Jamie,

    Even if they did have a landmark designation, locally there is no restriction on interior changes that people can make, If a property is on the state or national landmarks, there may be some, but then you are dealing with state and national people. The only thing that is controlled locally are exterior alterations.

  • Patricia

    I used to live on Mountain Ave. a very long time ago. What was the address of this house remodel?

  • Patricia, the address was 1129 W. Mountain. I will post an update soon. The new house is very nice and fits right in.

  • Geoff Robinson

    The house has been finished about a year. How about posting a photo of the result?

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