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Fort Collins Place: 100 West Oak Street in Old Town

Terence’s Note: This post was originally on FortCollinsNouns

A few months back I came across the Scouting New York blog and ever since it has been one of my favorite reads. Always full of places and things that most people overlook in and around New York City. Because of that blog I’ve begun to take a closer look at my beloved Fort Collins. Looking up and looking down to see if I can spy something that goes unnoticed by most people. And since I have this here blog at my disposal I thought I’d start to share with you what I find.

You may recognize this Old Town coffee shop, Everyday Joe’s, which can be found at 144 S. Mason St. But did you know that was not always the address of that building? And can you see the ghosts of that building’s past that tip us off to that fact?


If you take a closer look up above the large bay of windows you will see a shield with an “F” embossed on it. The front of the coffee shop has two of them, one to the North of the doors and one to the South.


Do you recognize it? It is the logo for Firestone tires, the one they still use today. (Or pretty darn close.)


That logo on 144 S. Mason is a tiny glimpse into the building’s history. You may have noticed the title of this post is “100 West Oak Street” and I’ve been talking about Mason Street. That is because this building’s address used to be Oak Street. Take a look:


That is the corner of Oak and Mason now home to the best breakfast in Old Town, Dempsey’s. Look on the left side of the picture and what do you see? Two embossed Firestone logos. As well as the large banks of square glass windows. The garage door between them is now the entrance to Everyday Joe’s Coffee House. The photo was taken in 1933 and found on the Fort Collins History Connection website. Everyday Joe’s Coffee House, Dempsey’s and Fish are all in that same building that used to be a large gas and service station.

4 comments to Fort Collins Place: 100 West Oak Street in Old Town

  • Cool! I work across Oak in the professional building, and didn’t realize that space had such an interesting transformation. Also, I’ve never been to Dempsey’s, but now I want to try it.

  • Very cool Daryle. I did not realize that the city provided historical information and photos like that. Great find!

  • cool find! I can’t say that Everyday Joe’s has one of those buildings that your eye is drawn to. But I suppose even the most warehousey looking buildings can have an interesting past, eh?

  • Matt

    Why do posts on the new site have a long empty bullet list at the bottom of every post? I see it in IE8 and Chrome.