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Introducing Jamie, our New Guest Author

While the Gettin’s Good

LFC’s focus on the not-too-distant past hits a mark I think many places miss in their history-gathering efforts.

I like that.

To me, history happened yesterday and this morning. If we’re not careful to pay attention to the details of the present, we’ll lose important insight into the people and events that form our communities. We’ll wind up, as many wonderful towns do, with no idea which direction we should turn when major challenges come our way.

Telling the stories of our lives now is no trivial pursuit either. Gangs, immigration, human rights, economic development, transportation, natural disasters and climate shifts are not just headline potential, but are issues that involve our neighbors every day. It’s important we show up and find out what’s going on in our communities and share that information across the picket fence of the Internet. Cat and Terence are the kind of people who get that.

As for me, I am (as my father used to say) curious as cats and devoted as dogs, especially in my job as a community journalist for the past several years.  I thrive on the chase and the little details, and so I’ve joined the LFC team. Happy to be here.

Rumor Has It…

I also love a good mystery, which is to say, an odd legend or rumor — tunnels under Old Town; secret doorways now bricked up under a bank; redwood water pipelines in Berthoud; the ridiculous number of cottonwood trees in our area; Fort Collins Brewing changing their recipes; dancing flash mobs, and even an electric car parked among the bicycles in an old photo that hangs in Lucky Joe’s.

I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering about these little bits of half data. I’d like to invite readers to send in their “overheards” and little mysteries. I’ll do some footwork and come up with explanations. Who knows what local gems we may find before they become truly “lost” to history.

Contact me at jamie@lostfortcollins.net. Include LFC-Rumor Has It in the subject line.

In a good way, Jamie.

7 comments to Introducing Jamie, our New Writer

  • cat

    Yay Jamie! So glad you’re part of LFC now!

  • Excellent! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us.

  • Jamie

    Thanks! Already had some great suggestions for Rumor Has It. This is gonna be fun!

  • Well, I don’t know that this is a mystery, but I was thinking about asking Terence about it as soon as I heard about it and then I saw this post and thought I’d put it out there in general.

    Did you all know that there used to be a one room school house on the southwest corner of College and Trilby? The building is still there along with the house that the teacher lived in. (The building closest to the corner is the house. The building behind it is the school.)

    I did a google search on it and it looks like PSD has a “historical context” pdf that you can download that mentions it, but it doesn’t say much.

    I found out about the school yesterday when I sat down with some folks at my girls’ 5th grade “end of elementary school” party. One of the teacher’s was at the table with her parents and her dad attended that school back in the day. He then went to high school in Timnath.

    Sometimes I wonder how many people there are in this town that have glimmers of Fort Collins’ (and Loveland’s) past and we don’t even know they’re out there to mine them for information. It was a real pleasure to talk to him about those times. I wish we could have talked even more but I figured I had to let the poor guy eat his lunch at some point. 😉

  • Susan

    Welcome, Jamie! You’re off to a good start. I love the murals.

  • Jamie

    I’m really glad you brought that up because putting pieces together is fascinating. It would be cool to talk with that teacher again and see if she has photos or other information to add.

    Thanks for the encouragement! I didn’t write the piece on the murals, but they’ve really caught my attention lately. I love the alleyways they are renovating, the powerbox artwork project and the lovely way the old murals gaze down on the new.

  • Meg,
    I think it is a great idea to write up about the misc. schoolhouses that used to be around. I bet there are more than you think.

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