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Fort Collins Murals

One of the things I enjoy about urban life, particularly here in Fort Collins, but everywhere, is the urban art. For this post, I am focusing on existing murals painted on the sides of buildings. These three are current ones that I am aware of, but there may be more. These are akin to the signs painted on buildings of years past, that we now know fondly as ghost signs. I am by no means an art critic, and barely survived art history in college, but I do know what I like, and I like building murals. They add depth and character to otherwise blank facades.

Mural on the Creamery Building

This mural is a great one, and serves as a disguise for an otherwise blank facade. I really enjoy the colors and composition This building is structurally unsound, so we shall see if the mural is still around shortly.

Mural on Enzio's

This mural, created by artist Chris Bates, is on the Enzio’s restaurant building, directly across from the newest entrance into Children’s mercantile. This one really shows of some of the character and history of Fort Collins.

Mural on Beavers Market

And finally, we have this gem on the side of Beaver’s Market. Fittingly this one depicts someone tending to the garden. I think Chris Bates was also the artist on this one.

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