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Lost Fort Collins is Diminished

Unfortunately, Cat has decided to remove all of her posts and information from the blog that she has put in over the years. Recently there has been several instances of people taking photos and other information from this blog, always without permission. Cat got fed up with this, and decided to remove all of her posts. I tried to talk her out of it, but alas. Personally, while I can certainly relate with how Cat feels, I do feel that by putting stuff out there on mediums like this, you open yourself up for people to take what is not theirs. It is was too easy for people to just click “save as” on images, or copy and paste text.

Now the question is, what do I do with this blog. Part of the reason I took it over was the wealth of information on here. Of course, I have been snowed under as of late and havn’t kept up with any of my blogs (reading or writing). Life is calming down again and I have recruited some other people to help out.

Any thoughts?

24 comments to Lost Fort Collins is Diminished

  • If it’s possible to reclaim the comments we all made here, I wouldn’t mind having mine be available. In some cases, the discussion that followed the posts added much new information and interest.

    How hard would it be for you to digitally stamp any new photos added here? That would at least show where they came from if they were swiped.

  • I think photoshop has a way to add a watermark to a photo. There’s probably a way to do it online as well.

    I’ve been meaning to dig up that old post about the bank where City Drug used to be. Now that the City Drug sign has been removed, you can see the wording for the bank underneath. I thought that was kinda cool.

    As far as the future of the blog, I totally understand getting bogged down by life. (That’s pretty much how I’ve felt for the past 6 months or so. *sigh*) I think pauses are fine and a natural part of life. I look forward to the site starting up full steam ahead at some point. But hopefully that won’t be till I have more time to read the posts. 😉

    Oh, and I’d love to know more about that building on Mulberry on the west side of Taft. I think someone told me it was an armory or something like that? I have a pic of the place that I took a year ago. I can send it your way if you’re interested.

  • 2306 W. Mulberry? The old Grange? (I have no idea what it is now.) I just took a peek with Google Street View to get the number.

  • Yup, that’s the one.

    What’s a grange? Sounds like a grain garage. 😉

  • Terence

    Kip and Meg,

    I think the watermark idea is a fabulous idea. I know Photoshop will do that, and I usually use Photoshop anyway. Personally, I kind of expect some takings with putting stuff on the public internet. That is just me.

    I have been working on some new posts, and am talking to some additional authors, so we will get it up and going again. I can’t promise it will have the same flavor as before, but it will move on.

    As far as the Grange, I think it still is a Grange, or at least it was a few years ago.

  • Terence

    PS, the comments are still on the site.

  • Terence


    From what I can gather, The Empire Grange is part of a larger national organization that was originally formed to help out agricultural communities as a social venue, among others. This building is listed a local landmark.

  • captainbevo

    So any of the stories we all shared about growing up in Fort Collins and all of the history and little known facts are being hoarded by one person. I have referred family, friends, and enemies (joke) to this site to share memories and to give the new generation of fort collins residents an insight as to the local history and flavor that made fort collins what it is today. I think this is sad, yes Cat you did the research with the aid of lots and lots of people and you spent a great deal of your time putting it all into a blog-the problem is that without the stories from others this blog wouldn’t have taken on a life of its own-and now you have taken the memories that everyone has shared with everyone else and have buried them at grandview.



  • 3D

    Under Cat, this blog rose to prominence as one of most informative, useful and entertaining destinations on the web about Fort Collins. In my opinion, if you wanted to understand Fort Collins, you had to read this blog.

    Which I think is why Terrance volunteered to take over the blog when Cat moved on. Terrance’s apparent concern for the blog and its fate reflected the concern felt by many, many readers.

    Now, Cat’s content is vivisectioned.

    I hardly see the point of maintaining this body, when the heart is gone.

    Terrance, I recommend shuttering “Lost Fort Collins” and allowing it to gently fade from memory, like one of the ghost signs in Old Town.

  • If the comments are still here, I feel a little better about it. Maybe restructure so that a brief explanation mentions what each thread was about, then let the comments speak for themselves.

    And in case Cat’s reference, now removed, was the only link to my 1979 FC photoset on flickr, here’s the link again.

  • I can’t figure out how to find past comments without going through the posts. As far as I can tell, any comments on posts that were deleted were removed as well. Or is there a comment repository somewhere?

    As far as mothballing the site, no way!!!! I’m excited to see what Terence (and the other writers who are coming on board) has (have) in store. Just because we’ve lost a chunk of older material doesn’t mean we can’t keep going full steam ahead. I’m sure we’ll end up covering old territory as we venture onward, which will help fill out the whole picture again.

  • catfc

    Kip and Bevo, you make excellent points. And I can replace the comments and posts…I didn’t delete them, just unpublished them. Give me a little time to think about what to do.

    The problem was that people were stealing from me, then getting testy when I called them on it.

    Others (several others) were expecting me to hand over my work for free to help them with their commercial ventures.

    The most recent event happened when the author of a local blog stole a photo that was loaned to me, by permission, from a reader. The reader’s grandmother took the photo in the 1950s. I wrote to the author of the blog and told him to get permission.

    Instead, he wrote me a nasty little letter about how he was perfectly within his rights. But I don’t want to get into the legality of it. It’s just a nasty thing to do to your neighbors.

    I have a lot of affection for you guys, Kip and Bevo. So it makes it worse when someone steals your stuff from me, and then tells me “tough luck.”

    When I’m done being pissed about it, I’ll probably put it back up. Write to me offline if you want, and I’ll give you a link to a place where I duplicated the site privately if that would be helpful.

  • captainbevo

    I dont blame you cat-do u want us to go over to their house and soap the windows and t p the trees-my brother is coming to town in a couple of weeks-maybe we can relive one night in 1969 that we went all out with a case of t p

  • Cat, I am in total sympathy with you, for being ripped off and then treated rudely. Before putting any photos back up, I think marking them copyright is a good idea, and to have a prominent copyright notice on the front page and every page.

    Were they also helping themselves to your research?

    I’m sorry this has happened to you. It’s also a big warning to any of us who might be thinking about what we put on the web.

    Take your time and do what you feel. It’s your stuff. I was mostly thinking there might be a way to keep the comments going with the little community we have here. So I can keep telling my boring old stories!

  • 3D

    yeah well, touching people and influencing them necessarily means that they’ll touch you back.

    Lost Fort Collins has had a big impact on those who have found it. As a result, its fruit is being harvested by the rats, as well as by the birds. It’s worth remembering that it’s the birds who spread the seeds.

  • Susan

    Cat, maybe it’s not possible with WordPress, but I know I’ve tried to copy text from other sites, like Snopes, but was unable to do so. There must be some technical gizmo that can prevent copying.

    Terence, I’ve been checking LostFortCollins almost daily for weeks, and am happy to see something new at last. Cat put a lot of work into it, and if that’s not what you really want to do, then I would certainly understand if you let it go. That said, I hope you don’t. Cat’s voice and perspective are unique, and I expect yours will be, too.

  • It’s a crappy situation for a blogger and it happens all of the time, unfortunately. Having been a blogger for years, I’ve run into the same thing.

    You can add a copyright to the site that will help (sort of) and watermarking the pictures is an excellent idea.

    I can totally sympathize with how much work goes into a blog post and if I ever found someone ripping of Feasting Fort Collins, the thief would probably want to run and hide after I got to them.

    And the corporations wanting you to work for free? Good grief! Hit me up with an email if you ever want guidance on being a professional blogger and getting paid for your work. Only chumps work for free and what jerks to expect you to do so.

  • john T

    Cat and terence,
    I have been a loyal reader and sometimes idea giver in the past and have recommended the site to other expatriates of the “Fort”. Each posting and the responses show a real sense of community. Cat, I appreciate all of your work and have become a fan of your ND blog -(can relate to those having lived in Grand Forks for 4 years) and whatever you decide to do with your past posts is understood. Terence, thank you taking over the task and hopefully we as a group can keep this page alive so that others can learn from the past in the area.

  • Matt

    If someone copies your work, I find that a brief email mentioning the term “DMCA takedown notice to your ISP” quickly resolve the issue. I’ve never actually had to send a real notice. I had an instance where someone copied my entire blog and that email fixed it in 24 hours.

    Taking down your own posts when someone copies them is the absolute worst thing you can do. What’s left now is only the copies, and so to anyone who looks, they now look like the originals. If it ever did come to a legal action, how do you plan to prove that yours was the original since it’s completely gone from the internet now?

  • Laura

    As a longtime lurking fan of Lost Fort Collins, I was saddened last night when I was at a friends’ house and got her online to visit the site for the first time…only to find it had gone. “It was really, really cool!” I insisted. “It had all those stories I’ve been telling you about, and pictures, and maps, and….”

    Now I feel like one of those people who claim they’ve seen a UFO.

    If there’s any way to bring the old posts back in a more protected/watermarked form, I’d be extremely grateful. If not, I respect the choice — yet hope that Terence and others will continue to carry the torch.

  • Jamie

    Cat – I’m happy to be one of the newer voices coming on board, but it feels really odd without the background of all those articles and photos. I agree with those who have suggested watermarking and “locking” the text on the site. I think it would be well worth the effort, and I certainly would like to have future content protected that way.

    Whatever comes, that body of history and perspective will be lost if it isn’t released again. That would be a real (and ironic) shame.

    And thanks to you and to Terence for minding the store with such devotion.

  • Obviously Cat is miffed about something and is taking her ball and going home. Lord, please help her to grow up and accept her responsibilities to those who have encouraged her and supported her throughout the years of Lost Fort Collins’ brilliant life.

  • And I support her decision, whatever she decides to do. Encouragement and support are nice, but she did the work.

  • […] Lost Fort Collins is Diminished | Lost Fort Collins What happens when a local blogger leaves the area and hands over the reins to a new blogger… and then after the fact tries to remove her content from the site? Who owns the archives? Comment thread is interesting. (tags: local colorado blogging copyright controversy problems) […]

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