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Plan Fort Collins

The City of Fort Collins is undertaking two projects this year that will have an impact on the entire city, and on the east side-west side neighborhoods. The first is the update to City Plan, the overall guiding document for landuse within Fort Collins. This project is being dubbed, Plan Fort Collins. You can get more information at the city’s website.

The other project that is being tackeled is studying the design guidelines for the Eastside Westside Neighborhoods. This excerpt is from the City’s website

“Eastside & Westside Neighborhoods Design Standards Study is a study aimed at addressing the impacts of residential development occurring in Fort Collins’ oldest downtown neighborhoods. Small houses are being expanded or replaced, resulting in new houses often significantly larger than the original. This type of development is commonly referred to as “pop-ups” (additions) and “scrape-offs” (demolition/replacements), and is a frequent topic of public discussion since the early 1990s.”

The focus on these projects is on development and redevelopment opportunities within the city. As the city quickly runs out of build able greenfield sites, there will be more and more pressure to redevelop and so called infill projects. The question is not when or if, but rather how and where it will occur with the devil in the detail being on creating compatibility between existing and new. There will be continued pressures in the old-town area, and significant pressure on the Mason Corridor, and the city is also looking heavily at the so called mid-town area, basically surrounding Foothills Mall.

The city wants, and is looking for your input. Check out the websites, attend open houses and workshops, and help guide the future of the city. I certainly have my opinions and am letting them be known in this process as well.

5 comments to Plan Fort Collins

  • Jim Burrill

    I have mixed feelings on this plan. For example, if the plan is adopted, I would not be allowed to bring in the Hinrichsen house to 305 N. Meldrum because it’s larger than the house that was located there before. In this case, the city has already approved “Solar Village” which will be a 3 story building directly across the street. The difference is that the Solar Village land is designated Commercial Zoning and mine is zoned Neighborhood Conservation Buffer. There are adjacent properties with 2 story houses, one of which is historic.

    I think the city should refine these regulations carefully before enacting them. I understand the reasoning behind it; we don’t want to lose the character of the neighborhoods. However, it’s difficult to enact these kinds of regulations without trampling on people’s right to private property.

  • Have you actually done any statistical measurement regarding the ratio between “pop-ups” and “scrape-offs” , and is there some kind of historical reference regarding the previous zoning changes that have been allowed?

  • Now I’m feeling a real sense of loss about Cat’s postings. I don’t blame her for feeling ripped off. It’s weird to see your own material somewhere else, where you never gave permission (and were never even asked).

    Pardon me for putting it into this unrelated post. The post where she says what she’s doing is gone with the rest of her legacy here.

  • Meg

    I’ve gone to all but one of the meetings that were hosted by the consultants that the city hired. I was skeptical at first, but they impressed me with their willingness to listen to all sides of the issues and to try to develop solutions that took all sides into account.

    I’ve written several posts on the proposed changes. If you’d like to read through them, here are some links:

    In general – http://northofprospect.com/index.php/section-blog/30-old-town-downtown/91-crazy-dancing-and-property-rights.html
    Solar access — http://northofprospect.com/index.php/section-blog/30-old-town-downtown/93-solar-access-an-east-side-west-side-key-issue.html
    F.A.R. — http://northofprospect.com/index.php/neighborhoods/95-house-size-a-point-of-voluminous-contention.html

  • Meg

    lol! OK, so I just now looked at the dates and realized that this post is referring to the study before this.

    The city council is going to be addressing the new proposals this Tuesday, though. So hopefully people will still find this discussion to be relevant now.

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