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Cloverleaf Dog Track Help

A reader recently sent me this email…

Hi, found your web site through a site on flicker that had pic’s of the old Cloverleaf dog track. I recently bought a turnstile( 50 cent ) from Cloverleaf. Was told it was from Loveland dog track, found a betting ticket inside( jammed in the coin mech) that said Cloverleaf, dated 2001. What I am trying to find is a pic of the turnstiles on location at Cloverleaf. Not sure if they were used for admission or seating. Might there be a library or some other place that might archive old photos?. I am in Bailey Co. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone out there that can help? For starters you might check out the local history archives here http://history.fcgov.com/

5 comments to Cloverleaf Dog Track Help

  • wordsbybob

    Here is a long-shot (no pun intended) for finding a picture of the Loveland dog track.

    Tom Katsimpalis at the Loveland Museum has a wealth of information about the old days in Loveland.

    I don’t know what the chances are of him having much on Cloverleaf but you could ask.

    His email is katsit@ci.loveland.co.us

  • Matt

    I too was going to suggest Loveland, I think that the dog track was in the Loveland city limits. Do they have a historical society?

  • wordsbybob

    The Loveland Historical Society has a web site. http://www.lovelandhistorical.org

    The site of Cloverleaf was considered Loveland although that area many not have officiall been part of the city then.

  • sgltrak

    I have seen a few online photo exhibits about Cloverleaf, but do not remember seeing the turnstiles. Here are a couple of links:

    Mike Weber

  • Cathy

    I used to work at the track and the turnstile was used at the front doors as you entered the building. When we were let go I only remember 4 still being there and they were no longer used. I would loved to have gotten one of them. The Dog played a big part of the history of Northern Colorado. 3 generations of my husbands family worked there as many generations of Loveland Families did. During the live racing season they employed a lot of people.

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