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I think I am lost!

Don’t worry, I am still around. Work and life has gotten in the way recently. Oh yeah, and re-plumbing a 1904 farmhouse. I swear, they installed the plumbing, and built the house around it. Only way I can explain steel pipe connections embedded in a stud. I am working on some new material though.

7 comments to I think I am lost!

  • Terence, just a thought, but I wouldn’t mind you posting about some of the newer stuff that’s been built in town. A little modern mixed with the old. A post about Harvest for instance, (knowing you worked on it) would be neat. I think it’s certainly one of the best newer developments in town. Only thing I don’t like is the Writer-low-height-light-switches.

  • Terence

    Thanks! I actually do have some new posts planned about newer development, and redevelopment. I do need to ask though, what exactly are low-height light switches?

  • On all the homes in Harvest (or any made by Writer) the height of the switches to turn on/off lights are I think 3 feet off the ground instead of 4 feet. The story supposedly goes that Writer’s wife didn’t like how she couldn’t hang pictures in certain instances because the light switches got in the way so they’re all a foot lower on Writer built homes. Low light switches and a two year old just isn’t a smart idea in my opinion.

  • Terence

    That is a good point about the light switches. On the other hand, proponents of designing homes for aging in place have been calling for raising outlets, and lowering switches. That said, most light switches are located next to doors and at wall corners, where no one should be hanging pictures anyway. I know Geoie Writer and his wife, they are great people.

  • I agree with colorebel that Lost Fort Collins should expand its purview to include all that built environment that’s appeared south of town. I know I’ve got a couple buildings down there that I like a lot, and if no one recognizes them now, you can be sure they’ll be the first to hit the pavement (one way or another)… For example, am I the only one who thought the “native grass” landscaping in front of the Boardwalk post office was intended? It sure looked like it was, and if you took a minute to walk from the parking lot out into the middle of it, you were rewarded with one of the finest views of Horsetooth in Fort Collins (true fact!). Now, of course, that open space has been chewed up and whatever presence it had is gone — another small bit of lost Fort Collins.

  • Terence


    I certainly will expand south. I have another blog that tends to deal more with current building topics, but there are historical buildings on the south side of town too.

    Originally that field by the south post office was filled with Wildflowers. They were gorgeous until plans were made to build an office building there. Of course, that building has yet to be built.

  • So, someone else noticed it, too. It was gorgeous.

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