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Seeking Help

My business partner and I own a 1904 farmhouse on North Taft Hill Road. It is part of the property that we are developing into a community known as Midori. This old house has some really good bones, and we are planning on restoring this home. What I am looking for are any historical photos […]

Grandma’s Things

Recently I helped my dad sort through my grandmothers belongings that had been in storage for a few years. She passed a couple of years ago, and now my dad is looking to move on as well. In her later years, she moved a few times, so a lot of her furniture and other items […]

Cloverleaf Dog Track Help

A reader recently sent me this email…

Hi, found your web site through a site on flicker that had pic’s of the old Cloverleaf dog track. I recently bought a turnstile( 50 cent ) from Cloverleaf. Was told it was from Loveland dog track, found a betting ticket inside( jammed in the coin mech) that […]

Fort Collins Civic Center

Change happens. Change is a fact of life Change can also be interesting. Sometimes it comes incrementally so you don’t really notice it, and sometimes it comes all at once as a big shock. Among the many changes in Fort Collins has been the emergence of the downtown civic center. The city and county went […]

I think I am lost!

Don’t worry, I am still around. Work and life has gotten in the way recently. Oh yeah, and re-plumbing a 1904 farmhouse. I swear, they installed the plumbing, and built the house around it. Only way I can explain steel pipe connections embedded in a stud. I am working on some new material though.