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Stories I always meant to write. 1: Carillon bells

The (recorded?) bells at Saint Joes I might miss more than anything in Fort Collins when I go. It seems like they play more in recent years than they used to. But there’s also a (real) carillon at the Episcopal church.  I don’t know if they play that one.

I would have liked to find out more about them both.

And I might also have said something about the crazy number of traffic signs on the short block in front of St. Joes….

2 comments to Stories I always meant to write. 1: Carillon bells

  • Peter Fisk

    We’re going to miss you so much! Is there any chance you might stay in Fort Collins after all? Come back soon if it gets too cold up there at the North Pole.

  • catfc

    Oh thanks. And you all make sure to visit me on your holidays to Bismarck.