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Greeley pipeline: Should Larimer County get more say?

By now you know about how the City of Greeley’s current pipeline project is threatening local natural and historic resources. And because of the way water law is historically structured, there’s not much Larimer county elected officials or residents can effectively say about that.

But that could change tomorrow night, Monday, Nov. 2. The County Commissioners are meeting to discuss amending the county code so that large pipelines that threaten local resources will need to go through a much more rigorous permit process from OUR county government when going through our county.

It’s the same process utilities like electrical power plants, nuclear plants, electric lines, already follow.

Mary Humstone writes,

Currently pipelines, such as the City of Greeley’s 60″ water transmission pipeline, only have to clear a “location and extent” review process at the planning commission level. This means that projects planned and implemented by an agency outside of Larimer County can destroy historic resources, destroy natural areas, and condemn private property through eminent domain without any public comment and without their projects being reviewed by elected officials in our county. The current system gives the public no effective say in these projects.

Humstone and her neighbors have already spent tens of thousands trying to preserve historic resources on their property because of decisions made in the next county.

If you think local government should be more involved when local property is threatened, Humstone invites you to show up at the meeting tomorrow night to show your support. Being there does matter.

You can be sure the City of Greeley’s Water Department will be there to fight it. In force.

What: County Commissioners’ hearing to adopt 1041 powers for water and sewer transmission pipelines.

When: Monday, November 2 at 6:30 pm

Where: First floor hearing room. 200 W. Oak

Read more: Get the technical details here. (Yes, this is the kind of tedious part, but it’s how regular people like you make a difference!)


5 comments to Greeley pipeline: Should Larimer County get more say?

  • oooh! i might be able to go to that. i’ll have to leave at 7 to pick up my son from judo, but maybe something yucky will happen right then and i can pretend to leave in disgust. 😉

  • I heard the introduction, Fred Walker (who represented the water and sewage providers) and Mary Humstone before I had to take off and get my son from judo.

    Mary had a presentation that included lots of photos of the land, the historic landmarks, and the wildlife on the property. I thought she had a compelling argument about why we need to switch to a 1041 review system. But, from what Fred said, it sounds like the Greeley project is already a done deal. Nothing can be done about it. So tonight’s meeting was really just a matter of learning from this horrendous mistake so it won’t happen again.

    That make me rather sad. I was hoping there was still something we could do about the Humstone and Brinks properties. :-\

  • catfc

    Thanks for going and sending back a report, Meg. There are a handful of preservationists who I really admire in Fort Collins. Mary is one of them (and Carol Tunner, Rheba Massey, Rose Brinks). The circumstances suck, but I’m glad you got to hear her speak.

  • nisperos

    What a horrible horrible shame! I haven’t been following this issue too closely because I didn’t think that there was much which could be done, but has anyone done a Huffington Post article or provided some other type of national exposure on what they are doing? And not just the Humstone and Brinks properties but all the La Porte residents. Living in the Northwest part of town, I feel like they are just the next neighborhood over.

  • captainbevo

    I watched this “meeting” on television-HOW SAD!!!!!! I do believe my Great Grandfather Rowland would have armed all of the Kids (Ted, Cam, Volney, Nellie and Lucy) and would have shot these land theives – and of course Fanch would have gotten a not-guilty verdict-damn I miss the old day’s.

    One very interesting thing stuck out in this whole sad story and I can’t get past it-I believe it was Mrs. Humstone who said that at one time the sewer system piping was built it went over or under the water line. What happens when these lines break/seep-do we have a plague on our hands. Due to water contamination.

    Here is the other thing that I can’t get my head around-what happens when the current 2 lines going to Greeley age and are in need of a repair. There are neighborhoods developed over the top of the pipeline-do they come in tear out your backyard while you watch in horror as your house disappears into a sinkhole?

    Greeley as I understand has 2 pipelines currently-there is no appreciable water strorage in Greeley-why is the city not required to build for it’s future through the use of some stimulus funds. This thing is serious think about it, they are going to do this exact same thing in another 10 to 20 years, it’s a bandage not a fix.

    My heart goes out to the Humstones and Brinks-where is the aclu?