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Lost Louis Armstrong

If you’re new in town, you might not know about Louis Armstrong. He was a life-size statue on the stage in Old Town Square. Rocked off his foundation, he disappeared one night in 2001.

What became of him? Still missing. I’m only bringing him up now because he came up in a conversation a year […]

Downtown Diner, November 2009

My long-ago friend Ute came to visit today, and caught this while we were dining downtown. Ute said I could use her photo, but not say the name of the restaurant because that’s unkind to the business. […]

Historic Neighborhood Markets, Ghost Signs, & the Armstrong Hotel

I have had SUCH a hard time keeping this quiet– I didn’t want to say anything until it was done. But for several weeks the Armstrong Hotel has been preparing a nice souvenir map of the neighborhood markets that the Lost Fort Collins blog wrote about last year.

The map in my original post was […]

Greeley pipeline: Should Larimer County get more say?

By now you know about how the City of Greeley’s current pipeline project is threatening local natural and historic resources. And because of the way water law is historically structured, there’s not much Larimer county elected officials or residents can effectively say about that.

But that could change tomorrow night, Monday, Nov. 2. The County […]