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Ask Uncle Norm (and friends): Morrie's In and Out

One hamburger joint Norm may remember:  Morrie’s “In and Out” on South College. It was a little before my time but I know it was popular with a lot of FCHS students because it was relatively close to the old high school building on Remington.” Jim Burrill


1611 S. College. Photo from history.fcgov.com

“I remember Morries In & Out – the owner was Morris Teel who was a neighbor of my parents. Morrie was a very good golfer and in the 50’s and 60’s gave “Spike Baker” some good competition-by the way they lived next door to one another.   -Captain Bevo

“Morrie’s In-and-Out was located just south of Prospect in the approx location of “Chucky Cheese” It was a popular High School eatery in the fifties and had no inside service. You ordered into a mike and drove up to the window. A foot-long hot dog and a root beer was 35 cents. Beyond that to the south was all farms until you reached Trilby and the popular nightclub “Clancys” on the East side of the road. It later became the Cow Palace etc.” -Norm

norm_profile[What happens when you ask the Lost Fort Collins blog a question? Typically, I just go ask Norm for the answer. Norm Cook has lived in Fort Collins since the mid 1940s, and he remembers EVERYTHING!

Now, you can cut out the middle man and ask Uncle Norm yourself. Just write Norm@lostfortcollins.com.  Answers appear here on the Lost Fort Collins blog]

[This edition of Ask Uncle Norm was taken from recent discussion on an earlier post. If you just can’t get enough of fifties fast food at the fort, read (and contribute to) the comments here]

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7 comments to Ask Uncle Norm (and friends): Morrie's In and Out

  • Holy cow, I must be losing it! I remembered Morrie’s In & Out being up north of town. On one rare occasion that we got fast food, I remember playing endlessly with the cup my drink came in, which proclaimed “It’s a Humdinger!” on it.

    I also remember that after a while, it became Woolie’s (sic?) In & Out. Maybe that’s the one that was on North College? Didn’t they have a billboard that advertised buffalo burgers?

    Clancy’s! I used to hear the name. I’m not sure if I ever knew where it was. Ah, semi-memories.

  • catfc

    Captain Bevo remembers it on North College, too. Read the comments http://lostfortcollins.com/2008/11/18/lost-fort-collins-businesses/#comment-1184.

    We were doing a good job of convincing him he was crazy before you came along, Kip.

    In my family, we only got fast food on payday, every other Friday. And it was this big treat to get hamburgers, fries, and coke for that supper. Now, I’d rather eat anything else.

  • nisperos

    So hip and non-traditional for the time, that asymmetrical angled edge sign with curved ends on the building’s top and that angled roof line are details perhaps suggestive of tail fins and jet wings. Add to these the name “In & Out” and you have an association with fast cars, fast speed, and quickie food.

  • john reed

    when I worked at fc cycle center 511 riverside (now an auto body shop), we used to get lunch at “connies hamburgers”..
    I stopped at the glass shop 920 n college..
    (I’ve done business @ ME-HE for years)..
    I found that the glass shop was indeed connies, probably in the late 70s..

    now the question..
    somewhere in the back of my 70s mind, I remember an ad for “burgers as big as your face”..
    on north college..
    I remember eating one, the last one..

    how about airwest helicopter 500 n link lane..


  • Jim Burrill

    Connie’s was located in the same building as the “Quick Chick”.

    Other restaurants that have come and gone on North College in my lifetime: The Sportsman, The Pagoda, Al’s Caboose Cafe (They actually had a caboose out front), A&W.

    There was a hamburger restaurant in the “Western States Bank” that survived for a year or two, would have been in the late 1980’s. And there was a Chinese restaurant in the building adjacent to El Palomino Motel.

    The one that survived them all is the Ever Open. It was “Al’s cafe” for a number of years before that. I can’t remember who “Al” was, maybe Norm remembers.

  • Don’t forget the Scout Cafe that was just North of Jefferson and the railroad tracks on the East side of College.
    This probably belongs with the 11 lost businesses enrty but does any one remember The White Spot cafe? 100 block of South College on the Northern Hotel side.

  • Jim Burrill

    Oh, the Scout. The old C&S crews used to eat there, they’d pull the engine up next to the Scout Cafe and have lunch.