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Ask Uncle Norm (and friends): Morrie's In and Out

One hamburger joint Norm may remember: Morrie’s “In and Out” […]

Hell Tree

I think the corner of Horsetooth Road and CR7 should be declared a monument to historical ignorance in Fort Collins.

Look to the Northeast and see what’s left of the Strauss cabin. One of the earliest cabins in the area, restored in the 1990s, and then burned down by some teenagers soon after.


Restaurant review: Big City Burrito

My day job is interfering with my blog this week. That’s why I’m offering up something a bit more creative than historic. Wrote it in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. Historic content to return after the real work is done. […]

The recycling tub paradox

Old bins (middle) and new (right)

Recently, the city of Fort Collins adopted changes to ordinances that, among other things, require trash haulers to offer new, larger recycling bins. This as part of a larger plan to meet “diversion” goals that will send 50% of our city’s waste to recycling rather than the […]

Cunningham Corner: A 1970s Fort Collins barn band

Cunningham Corner is a condo complex on the corner of Horsetooth and Shields in Fort Collins. It’s also the name on the yellow barn that sat at that corner before the condos (it’s since been declared a historic landmark and moved elsewhere). And in the 1970s, it was the name of one of the hottest bands in Fort Collins. […]

Poudre Magazine 1982

You know how sometimes you think you’re enjoying something, then suddenly notice yourself enveloped in hopelessness? Like when you listen to too many Townes Van Zandt records? That happened to me recently. […]

Waiting for a train: Fort Collins courts Amtrak

This past Tuesday, Fort Collins City Council voted to “support …a future Amtrak passenger rail service stop in Fort Collins as part of the national ongoing study for possible reinstatement of Amtrak’s Pioneer route. ” (See Coloradoan story).

The Pioneer route ran 1977-1997 from Seattle to Chicago, via Denver. Last year, the Federal Government ordered […]

The calaboose part 2: Something baaaad happened here

Well, I know at least some of you went looking for the calaboose (see original post here), because local merchants contacted me to ask about people with maps in their alleys.

I think the calaboose site is in the alley right next to LeRoy’s LockSafe Systems (326 Walnut). That’s why, in the first story, I […]

Ask Uncle Norm: The landfill before

” Do you remember where the old landfill was? I believe it was also on Taft, but on the east side and closer to town” -Harry


As I remember, the landfill of the 60’s was just south of the southeast intersection of Harmony and Shields. This intersection no longer exists as several years ago […]

Ghost train track tours this weekend

The owners of the property threatened by the Greeley pipeline project are offering free tours to the public this weekend. Here are the where and when… […]