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Paramount Cottage Camp photo found

In my last post, I wrote about how the owner of 1544 W. Oak  plans to restore her ordinary apartment complex to recall its Paramount Cottage Camp roots.

Today, a private collector, who asked not to be identified, gave me permission to show you this–A late 1920s postcard of Paramount Cottage Camp. Make sure you click through for the full-size version:

1544 W. Oak 1929

1544 W. Oak 1929

Here’s the picture of what it looks like today. You needn’t click through on this one:

1544 W. Oak, 2009

1544 W. Oak, 2009

Thanks to Carol Tunner and Maureen Plotnicki for turning me on to this postcard and its collector!

5 comments to Paramount Cottage Camp photo found

  • looks like there was a little grocery and gas station! now i have to go back and look at that corner. do you think they tore down the grocery and put something there? all i can remember is those little apartment straight up to whatever that street is (bryan?) i can’t envision space more the store.

  • catfc

    There’s a very boring 2-story apartment where the store and gas station were. I assumed the store was knocked down. But now I’m going to go back and make sure it wasn’t a remodel.

  • In the 60s, the yellow building across the stream from the picnic tables was known to us as “The Girl Scout House.” It was the base of operations for Brownie Day Camp, and supplies were kept there. I remember seeing skits performed in there as well.

    I should add that Mom was a scout leader with a Brownie troop and a Girl Scout troop, and I spent many hours hanging around that building or ranging from there to play in City Park, hike around the golf course looking, without success, for lost golf balls or deposit bottles, or go explore the derelict remains of what I guess used to be City Park, in a ways from the train shed at the corner across from Club Tico and the pool.

    Anyway, I was given to understand that the building was once part of a set of tourist cabins — perhaps it was the manager’s office. One of the last times I was in town, I took pictures of the place, which now seems to be part of Parks & Rec. Which makes sense, with the ballfields there and all.

  • nisperos

    I think this project is awesome! I hope the units are actually used for recreation stays (with noise rules strictly enforced). How cool would that be?

  • nisperos

    Conoco Travel Bureau Hotel and Cottage Camp Directory (pamphlet says 6 – 1 -35 on the back which I presume is the print date)

    Fort Collins

    All States Ctg Camp U.S. 287 – 12 Cottages $1.25 – 1.50
    Armstrong Hotel ……………………………………. $1.50 – 3
    Camp Trilby U.S. 287 – 5 Cottages …………… $1- 1.50
    Davey Ser. Sta. & Camp U.S. 287 – 4 Ctgs … $1 up
    Lincoln Hotel ………………………………………… $1.50 – 2
    Municipal Camp, City Park – 41 Cottages ….. $1.25 -2
    Northern Hotel ……………………………………… $1 up
    Paramount Ctg Camp, Opp City Pk – 15 Ctgs $1.50 – 2
    Spans Cabins, U.S. 287 – 3 Cottages ……….. $1 up
    White Ctg Camp, U.S. 287 – 12 Cottages ….. $1.25 – 2

    I wonder: Was Spans short for Spanish Cabins?