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Ask Uncle Norm: Lumber yards of the 70s

“I moved here in ‘74. It seems we went to Everitt’s lumber that year (Prospect by the rr tracks). I remember part of that drive on a gravel road. Has memory failed me ?” John Reed.

Mr. Reed:

The lumber yard you describe is now Sutherland’s, and I don’t remember Everitts owning it previously. My […]

Finding the West White Pine Lookout

West White Pine Lookout

Of the two dozen or so fire lookout towers in Colorado, West White Pine was closest to Fort Collins, almost directly to our west.

Built in 1939, the tower remained on its mountain top until sometime in the mid-1970s.

Then, a helicopter took the cabin and more or less plopped […]

New mural for Beavers Market

Work began today on a new mural for Beavers’ market.

Artist Chris Bates, who’s painted transformer boxes (pdf) and other murals downtown, plans several panels along the west parking lot wall.

Bates says he wanted to paint the street-facing east side, but quickly realized that the snow plows on North Shields Street leave […]

Downtown pipe dreams

What ideas for downtown do people pitch to the DDA? Here’s a few. Plus some big ideas from the Lost Fort Collins blog. […]

Meet the Rommels

In 1915, Lewis Wickes Hine came to Fort Collins for a day as part of a project to document child labor in America. He photographed the Rommel house at 430 N. Loomis. It was boarded up in this October photo because the family was away harvesting beets. They would return to Fort Collins in the […]

Do we still need the Food Co-op?

Beet Street, an enterprise formed to bring tourist dollars to downtown Fort Collins, recently announced a “Homegrown Fort Collins” event for late September. It has something to do with eating local. And by that they mean eating at local restaurants, or eating from local farms, or drinking local beer. But among its partners for […]

Fort Collins Historic Preservation Endangered?

The city plans to cut one of its preservation positions. People who know about such things tell me that it means we’ll still have plenty of regulation, but no time for incentives. This could be a big blow to Fort Collins historic preservation. You can only regulate demolition for so long, before buildings become too run down to save. Some of us plan to show up tonight at City Council to ask for reconsideration. Public comment is from 6:00-6:30 pm at 300 LaPorte Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80521. If you care about such things, we’d like you to show up. Speak, or just be present. It will mean a lot to those who oversee the historic integrity of Fort Collins. […]

Paramount Cottage Camp photo found

In my last post, I wrote about how the owner of 1544 W. Oak plans to restore her ordinary apartment complex to recall its Paramount Cottage Camp roots.Today, a private collector, who asked not to be identified, gave me permission to show you this–A late 1920s postcard of Paramount Cottage Camp. Make sure you click through for the full-size version. […]