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Camping not condos: Saving the Paramount Cottage Camp

1544 W. Oak wasn’t always a plain, uninteresting apartment complex. And if its owners have their way, it won’t be one much longer. […]

Colorado: America's Uranium Basket

The olden days were a simpler time, I’ve heard. And now I have proof: From the 1952 “Vacation Issue” of Colorado Wonderland magazine. “Colorado, America’s Uranium Basket,” must have seemed like a fresh article idea for a magazine that usually kept to trout fishing, skiing, and hunting. […]

1950s Frontier Airlines: Let's take a moment

I today picked up a stack of “Colorado Wonderland” magazines dated 1950 to 1955. The magazine is all about promoting tourism in Colorado, promising a minimum of 6 natural color photos in each issue. Plus, there are ads for 3, that is, THREE! different passenger rail carriers for Colorado in almost every issue too. There’s a lot of excitement of the all-concrete Boulder to Denver turnpike. And the state engineer is hinting we’d make a great east/west route for the new transcontinental highway. But that’s all for later. Today, let’s take a moment for Frontier: […]

E.W. Whitcomb and the unfortunate expedition

Town father, Elias Whitcomb, was a cattleman who helped found the Agricultural Colony, which became Fort Collins. He came from the East with nothing, married an Indian woman, built an impressive house north of town, and got a street named for him.

He’s even in the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Here’s a photo of him […]

Cloverleaf Dogtrack

Cloverleaf stopped racing dogs in 2007. Surrounded by the new hospital, Centerra, and even the failing outlet mall, the 50-year-old racetrack sold last year. The Medical Center of the Rockies bought the lot. I know that because if you try to explore the ruins, a security guard from the hospital finds you in a couple minutes. She says they will tear it down. Recycle everything. Then build a new hospital building all out of recycled material. She also says, no you can’t take pictures. […]