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Lost Fort Collins turns 1 and gets a parade

After the widespread adoption of email, there has been no real joy in my mailbox. Not for years. Only bills, ads, and occasional notices from the FCgov that somebody is up to something uninteresting in my neighborhood.

Then this came today ….

Marching bands on my street!!!!!

Yes, um, I would also like some sweet floats. And lions.

Lost Fort Collins turns 1

This is a good time to tell you that Lost Fort Collins is turning 1 this week.  That’s roughly 80 posts (if you include the ones I thought better of and took down).

Thanks to all of you for reading. Thanks to all of you who have offered suggestions … I swear, I try to make stories out of them, and I still might.

Special thanks especially thanks to early readers, back when I was getting 5 hits a day…Noe (my first writing teacher and inspiration) and Lost Oregon.com. Soon after, Paul S., Meg, Terry, Kip and Martha–the first strangers to come around.

And the folks at the Museum and the Coloradoan who I expected would snub me for being an amateur, but were some of the nicest of all!

And, finally, to LouisFowler.com for challenging me to write what I really think. Which I still don’t do entirely.

So…yeah. Thanks everybody. And thanks United Way for sending a parade down my street.

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