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Lost Authors: Edgar Avery's diary

[July 26, 1890] It was a very pleasant morning. Papa, Grandma, Aunt Louisa went to the trial. Aunt Louisa went home in the afternoon–her home is in Greeley. In the afternoon about 5.40 P.M we went swimming down to the river. Papa went downtown in the evening. –Edgar Avery, 12 years old.

Edgar Avery  live blogged the year 1890.  Of course, if he’d have been a modern blogger, he’d have written six entries in January, two in February, one in June, and then forgotten his password and abandoned.

But not young Edgar. He wrote orignal content, one page a day, in pencil, all year, usually beginning with a weather report.

[May 4, 1890] The sun is shining, but it looks as if it would rain.

[June 4, 1890] The wind blows a good deal and it is very disagreeable because it is a chilly wind.

[August 24, 1890] It was not so warm this morning as it was yesterday morning.

And so on. Edgar Avery’s 1890 diary is comicly dry, until you  remember that the trains his family caught in and out of town were stopping just downtown here  (maybe they will again soon). And the swimming hole was the Poudre. And the wind storms and the afternoon rain…just like here and now. But then.

The trial to which he refers was a criminal proceeding for the poisoning death of Edgar’s Uncle Will. And if you want to know how it resolves, you have to go ask at the Avery House … it’s not in the diary and I’m not going to tell you.

This is a fun read with the kids. You can buy a copy at the Avery House (Open 1-3pm Sunday and Wednesday) for $5.00.

From the Fort Collins Museum Archives

Aspiring blogger and meteorologist, Edgar Avery. From the Fort Collins Museum Archives

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