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Beer run: North College Discount Liquors

I’m supposed to be on vacation, but just this one thing ….

Right before I left for Idaho, I was tasked to pick up a case of O’Dell’s IPA.  So, I tried this place I’d heard booze was first sold legally in Fort Collins.

I pass it all the time, but never even noticed North College Discount Liquors before. Apparently, that’s not an accident.

Old advertisement

Old advertisement found in the back room of No. College Discount Liquors. (Click for readable view)

The old ad in the photo above more or less reads:

If visibility is a key element in the success of a retail business, why did Lloyd and Ellie build a liquor store behind a bowling alley where no one can see it? Go take a look at North College Discount Liquors.

In 1964 when the Bickels built their store, Fort Collins was a “dry town” (i.e., no liquor could be bought within city limits), 814 N. College Ave behind Monte Carlo Lanes was 40 feet outside the city limits of Fort Collins.

There were only seven liquor stores serving the city then.

…Fort Collins went “wet” in 1970. Now there are over 100 liquor licenses within the city limits. But if you want to see a little history in action, go out to 814 N. College Ave ….

The store still has two  original coolers.

Original cooler. Somehow, cold drinks are better from behind old heavy slider doors.

Original cooler. Somehow, cold drinks are better from behind old heavy slider doors.

I won’t go into the history of our dry town turned brewery tourist mecca because Josh Johnson does a nice job of it here: http://www.rmchronicle.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1879

Liquor Rear

And so, back to vacation….

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