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The garbage experiment

The City of Fort Collins, in its monthly insert that comes with the electric bill, says we should try to downsize our garbage service. So, I traded in my 66-gallon can, and sent away for tags. You pay $1.25 for a tag, then attach it to each bag of garbage you put out. This system rewards the citizen-consumer for minimizing garbage outflow. Only, I lost my tags before I ever used even one. […]

Beer run: North College Discount Liquors

I pass it all the time, but never even noticed North College Discount Liquors before. Apparently, that’s not an accident. […]


Hey Fort Collins, what if this year we did Backyfest along with Brewfest? Regional tobacco growers and hookah bars could set up booths downtown where they hand out samples of private blends like Rocky Mountain Air-cured, Mile-high Burley, and the nationally popular, Snowshredder’s Shisha. […]

Better days at the frat house

2008, after lions removed

In one of Lost Fort Collins’ earliest posts, I talked about the Sigma house on Laurel. The boys lost their charter afterserving alcohol to young girls during a party. Gossip around town said they would paint those lions at the entry stairs red to signal when a brother had bagged […]

A trip to Foothills Fashion Mall


For me, the Foothills Fashion Mall, long the largest and most popular shopping center in the region, peaked 10 years ago when the animatronic dinosaurs set up for a week. I think it was October, and every family in town went. Some of us made 5 or 6 trips.

I […]