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CSU: Stray balls and foul hippies

Correspondence from a reader: 

 Dear Lost Fort Collins,

Dorms under construction 1967

Dorms under construction 1967

Thank you for your site – As I sit many miles and years away from the “Fort” it’s almost like traveling back in time – A couple of things that a lot of people will remember is where Moby gym and the 10 story dorms are in the 50’s were the city’s Little League fields. We lived near the fields so it was easy to get to practices and games in a hurry – the number of foul balls that were hit across Laurel is amazing—when they decided to build the gym I remember going every Sunday with my dad and “checking” the status of the building.

I get home about once a year but it seems like everything has changed so much since I graduated in 1969 and left town to travel the world—

 John Tobin

Dear John,


Norm Cook, whose memories make up much of the content of Lost Fort Collins, tells me that he got his first speeding ticket from a judge with your name.


CSU, 1975      



That would be my dad—my favorite story about the Judge is around 1964 65 when the HIPPIE phase was just starting up at CSU—dad had a guy in court and told him to either cut his hair or come back to court with pink ribbons – he of course did neither — but heard the case because he at least cleaned the hair mess up.

Tell Norm he is not the only one—I was going to school at Adams State and was told by the judge and police chief not to come into town during College Days or I would be arrested and held all weekend – needless to say I found something else to do that weekend

Photos from http://www.fcgov.com/archive

2 comments to CSU: Stray balls and foul hippies

  • John T

    No problems in identifying myself, John Tobin, my parents still live in fort collins in the same house they built in 1955
    Your blog has really brought back a lot of memories and I have suggested it many friends who have left the “Fort” for other climes. It is one of the first things I check every morning when I get online

  • catfc

    Thanks for the story John. I thought the whole thing was pretty funny.