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The fight for the GSL&P

The city of Greeley, 40 miles southeast of Fort Collins, just sent letters to Mary Humstone and Rose Brinks, threatening to use eminant domain to explore and eventually develop the women’s Bellvue properties. Greeley should be sending them thank you letters. Enthusiastic preservationists, the women have turned away developers for decades. They also left alone a 100-year-old railbed that crosses the land. That makes their properties the perfect route for a monster pipeline stretching from the foothills to Greeley: […]

House Huggers

Which old houses worth saving? And how far should we go to save them? Two Fort Collins’ bloggers are exploring these questions: One using research and one using very big trucks. […]

Fort Collins 1952: The CSU Homosexual Music Department Scandal

Funny how some scandals and characters become part of the local canon, retold in the Senior Voice and “I remember when …” columns year after year. But others never pass the quaint test, no matter how much time passes. Which is why you’ve probably never heard of the CSU’s 1952 music department. […]

Cell block blue

In the opinion section, Carol Tunner (who is a local history preservationist for the city, if you didn’t already know that) asks “What’s the deal with the little blue building.” It’s in the alley behind Walnut Street and thought to be the old drunk tank. Peter Fisk commented, “Lost Fort Collins might know.” But I don’t. I’ve asked around too. And the museum asked me a few weeks ago too. Best I can do for now is show you a couple pictures. […]

Arrowhead Lodge: On Colorado’s trout route

My perfect cultural tourist experience: ruins, prisoners, ticks, and a staff that leaves you alone. […]

CSU: Stray balls and foul hippies

Dear Reader, Norm Cook, whose memories make up much of the content of Lost Fort Collins, tells me that he got his first speeding ticket from a judge with your name. […]