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In the old days, people would have you over to look at their vacation slides from the Grand Canyon on the big screen. Now they post montage YouTube videos. Even at 3 minutes, it still can seem interminable.

This is kind of like that. Random out-of-focus pictures, with some labels. Nothing smooth about it.

But the music! Music is by Bob Swerer, who owned a tropics-themed nightclub where our industrial section is today. He’s smooth. He’s the reason you want to press that play button.


5 comments to Montage!

  • I love it! I had to keep pausing ‘cuz I was trying to listen to the lyrics while reading your notes. 😀

  • catfc

    Thanks Barb. Norm gave me that recording. He plays it on his Runaway Fiddle show (Wednesdays 7-9:30, 88.9 FM). He told me Bob Swerer is embarrassed by the recording. If his lawyers call, I’ll have to take it down.

  • I have a Bob Swerer album called SUMMER WIND, with tons of great covers. I was actually thinking of playing it on my show and asking if he’d like to be interviewed about it…

  • Lesley

    I NEED a copy of that recording by Bob Swerer!! I loved it!

  • the notes are great! i laughed out loud at the horse comment. 😉