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Pandemics in Fort Collins and Larimer County

Who died in the 1918 influenza epidemic in Larimer County? It wasn’t the elderly and sickly, as you might expect. […]

The official list of future historic street names

Jim Burrill just alerted me to the fact that the City keeps a list of approved names for future streets (pdf) in Fort Collins. The list is a selection of 41 names of people who made some kind of impression in Fort Collins’ past.

Getting on or off the list takes a vote of City […]

Polly Brinkhoff: The woman behind Whale Rock

If Hugh Everett was right, and I have parallel selves who fork every time I make a decision–somewhere, I hope one of me lives like Polly Brinkhoff.

I imagine a life with more sun, music, sweat, and trees than money. I imagine a life of self-reliance, feral family, and urgent inspiration. A difficult life, but […]

Fort Collins Festivals: Pristine femininity at Colorado State University

Fort Collins adds one or two festivals to its calendar every year. Music, warm beer, sticky food.

But for beauty and grace, none match the May Fete at CSU in the 1920s–an annual display of “pristine femininity.”

“From the shrubbery, the fairies stole forth…Pan and his dancing nymphs, the four winds, […]

Uncle Norm

Many posts on Lost Fort Collins refer to Norm Cook. We became quick friends a few years ago over our shared love of Texas fiddle music.

Now, we get together once a week or more to eat dinner. He tells me stories for the Lost Fort Collins blog, and I tell him about who’s […]

Where was Rockwood School?

From the Fort Collins Museum archives.

In the comments section of an earlier post, Barefoot Meg asks, “where was Rockwood School?”

Funny you should ask. I made Norm drive me there last month because I wondered too.

Rockwood-Place (later renamed Barton) was built in 1908 near the beet factory and attended by migrant children– […]


In the old days, people would have you over to look at their vacation slides from the Grand Canyon on the big screen. Now they post montage YouTube videos. Even at 3 minutes, it still can seem interminable.

This is kind of like that. Random out-of-focus pictures, with some labels. Nothing smooth about it.

But […]

The neighborhood Stanley

I live in Old Town. A lot of people think that the neighborhood’s charm is in its old buildings, big trees, and easy walking to parks and downtown. But you have no idea. […]