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City works and city shwag

I found this historic piece of city shwag at EcoThrift. Most of us can remember times when we tried to conserve water, but this hearkens to a time when we also conserved sand: Just 3.5 minutes on your 5-minute shower timer.


But that was another time and another logo. 

What’s going on with the government today? I’m participating in CityWorks101 starting this week. It’s a public outreach effort by the city to teach citizens all about how Fort Collins government runs. We’ll be visiting behind the scenes at various departments and offices all over town. 

I’ll blog it as we go at the Coloradoan “community blogs,”  unless I get historically relevant material–that, I’ll post here.


The Fort Collins Coloradoan has just made the new blog easy to find with a new and tidy url! http://www.coloradoan.com/cityworks2009

Big thanks to Kate Gannon!

5 comments to City works and city shwag

  • Lesley

    I want one of those! My in-laws in Tuscon had one in their shower put out by their local utilities company and I thought it was an excellent idea.

  • catfc

    @ Lesley, I warn you , the suction cup in the back doesn’t hold for very well. Oh, you think you’ve got it all secure, but then you’re sleeping in a quiet house and **crash** from the bathroom.

  • noë

    I wonder how many people actually paid attention to the ti.mer … at 5 minutes or 3 1/2

  • catfc

    @noe Good point. Maybe they ran tests and figured out that everybody lollygags at LEAST another 90 seconds after the sand runs out–no matter how much shower time the city gives them.

  • my kids got those in school. my son followed it meticulously for at least a few weeks. in fact, if he was done before 5 minutes, he’d force himself to stay in the tub until the last molecule of sand dropped down. 😉